BioAge Labs to Present on Therapeutics for Brain Aging Targeting NLRP3, Apelin, and Other Novel Pathways at Upcoming International Conferences

Company leadership and scientists will appear at LSX World Congress (May 3), Keystone conference on neurodegeneration (May 15–19), Age-related Disease Therapeutics Summit (June 1-2), and BIO International (June 7)

RICHMOND, Calif.--()--BioAge Labs, Inc. (“BioAge”), a privately held clinical-stage biotechnology company developing therapeutics that target the molecular causes of aging to extend healthy human lifespan, today announced that the company will provide updates on the company's progress in novel target identification and drug development in the brain aging area at upcoming conferences in the US and UK.

“Brain aging can lead to devastating neurological conditions, which affect millions of people every year,” said Kristen Fortney, PhD, CEO and co-founder of BioAge. “Our discovery platform reveals biological drivers of cognitive decline that could be targeted with novel therapeutics to prevent, slow, or reverse neurodegeneration across the full continuum of disease, from early stages to established dementias. We are excited to share our innovative clinical vision and strategies with partners and investors at leading conferences this quarter.”

The BioAge platform has implicated multiple mechanisms in brain aging, including chronic activation of the NLRP3 inflammasome and declining apelin pathway activity. BioAge is developing a novel class of CNS-penetrant NLRP3 inhibitors for neurodegenerative and neurosensory disorders associated with aging, and its apelin receptor agonist BGE-105 for multiple indications. BioAge will present on these programs at the following events:

  • 9th Annual LSX World Congress; London, UK; May 3 [link] — BioAge CBO and Head of Brain Aging Peng Leong PhD, MBA will participate in a panel discussion, entitled “Immuno-inflammation: A doorway to new partners and therapeutic areas.” Leong will be joined on the panel by Toby Richardson, Senior Director, Early Innovation Partnering Immunology, EMEA at Johnson & Johnson Innovation; Rachel Strick, Head of Immunology BD & Acquisitions, AbbVie; and Vishal Sahni, Director, Corporate Business Development & Strategy at Lundbeck.
  • Keystone Symposium on “Neurodegeneration: New Biology Guiding the Next Generation of Therapeutic Development”; Whistler, BC; May 15–19 [link] — BioAge researcher Adam Lundquist, PhD will deliver a poster titled “Apelin receptor agonist BGE-105 ameliorates multiple mechanisms that drive neuroinflammation and neurodegeneration.”
  • 5th Age-related Disease Therapeutics Summit, San Francisco, June 2 [link]: Leong will join a panel entitled “Strengthening the Synergy Between Pharma & Biotech”. Leong will be joined on the panel by Shamina Rangwala, Executive Director, Emerging Science, Innovation & Global Internal Medicine Lead, Pfizer; and Alexander Pickett, Managing Director, Juvenescence. Topics to be addressed include the diseases on which biotech and pharma should focus to improve healthy longevity, including neurodegenerative diseases driven by brain aging.
  • BIO International Convention; Boston, MA, June 7 [link] — BioAge CEO and co-founder Kristen Fortney, PhD will lead a panel discussion entitled “Treating neurodegeneration by targeting the mechanisms of aging”. Panelists will be Fiona Elwood, VP, Disease Area Stronghold Lead, Neurodegeneration, Janssen; Howard Fillit, Chief Science Officer, Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation; Sam Jackson, Chief Medical Officer, Neuron23; and Dirk Landgraf, VP, Dementia Discovery Fund, SV Health Investors.

“BioAge is deeply rooted in human biology and data, enabling us to uncover diverse strategies for promoting healthy aging and preventing age-related diseases,” said Leong. “Our mission of understanding the mechanisms of brain aging enables us to pursue the development of therapies with far-reaching potential and impact.”

About BioAge Labs, Inc.

BioAge is a clinical-stage biotechnology company developing a pipeline of treatments to extend healthy lifespan by targeting the molecular causes of aging. The company uses its discovery platform, which combines quantitative analysis of proprietary longitudinal human samples with detailed health records to map out the key molecular pathways that impact healthy human aging. By targeting the mechanisms of aging with a large and mechanistically diverse portfolio of drugs, BioAge is unlocking opportunities to treat or even prevent age-related disease in entirely new ways. BioAge's growing portfolio includes multiple assets targeting muscle, immune, and brain aging. To date, BioAge has raised $127M from Andreessen Horowitz, Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, and others.