OneApp Guarantee Launches New Platform to Help Property Managers Confidently Approve More Renters

This institutional co-signer is helping property managers increase occupancy and the nation’s most vulnerable population access housing

PORTLAND, Ore.--()--OneApp Guarantee, the leading institutional co-signer for renters, is breaking down housing barriers with the launch of its new platform. The reimagined software offers multi-family property managers an improved process to boost occupancy and revenue without relying on strict screening criteria. For renters, the platform introduces payment flexibility lowering the barriers to entry and creating a more inclusive rental market.

OneApp’s Rent Guarantee enables leasing agents to approve denied applicants by covering financial losses. Rather than chasing down payment from an individual co-signer, property managers can rely on OneApp’s new default claims service, which processes payment within 48 hours for any financial damages, not just loss of rent.

“Our partnership with the multi-family industry goes beyond increasing occupancy,” says OneApp Founder, Tyrone Poole. “We’re illuminating the shortcomings of traditional screening criteria.”

OneApp was founded out of necessity when an accident and extended hospital stay left Tyrone homeless and with an eviction on his record. The business has evolved over the years to meet the exact needs of renters while also benefiting property managers.

OneApp has secured housing for thousands of families while maintaining a 94% success rate. The relaunch of OneApp Guarantee aims to make approving more renters faster and easier than ever. “This is truly a win-win for both property managers and renters,” says Poole. “We're on a mission to create housing access for every renter and give every property management company the confidence to open their doors.”

“OneApp has placed almost 700 applicants with their rent guarantee with only 4 defaults which were paid in full,” says COO of Meridian Management Group, Kirstien Sasser. “Those renters have added $3.1 million of annualized income to our bottom line, and we couldn’t be happier. The nice thing is that it even helps us attract more 3rd party management business.”

OneApp has added over $125 million in annual revenue for property management companies.

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Release Summary

OneApp acts as an institutional co-signer so property managers can approve more renters without financial risk.


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