New Report Supported by Hundreds of Security Leaders Uncovers Enterprise Risks and Opportunities of Generative AI

"We face a historic opportunity to affect regulation, security, privacy, and safety of millions around the world"

NEW YORK & TEL AVIV, Israel--()--The quick adoption of Generative AI and ChatGPT remains a concern for CISOs and security professionals, who feel pressure to broadly enable the technology within their organizations.

A new guide for Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) released by Team8, a global venture group that builds and invests in companies in enterprise technologies, fintech and digital health, argues that the risks associated with GenAI can indeed be managed.

The guide was co–authored by Team8 and its CISO Village - a community of hundreds of security leaders from Fortune 500 companies.

Authors of this guide discuss the various enterprise risks, threats, and impacts stemming from this new technology. They explore threat modeling, considerations in developing policies, and engagement with internal stakeholders such as engineering and legal teams.

Some of the risks evaluated in this report discuss Data-Privacy, Copyright and Confidentiality, Behavioral Responsibilities of AI, Misinformation, and Threat Actor Evolution.

“Like with the Internet, the cloud, smart phones, and social media as they were first introduced, we find ourselves behind the technology adoption curve and face an opportunity to become business enablers,” says Gadi Evron, CISO-in-Residence at Team8 and one of the guide’s authors.

Speaking on the impact of the guide, Admiral Michael S. Rogers USN (ret), Operating Partner at Team8 and a contributor to the findings, added “We face a historic opportunity as the security community to affect regulation, as well as the security, privacy, and safety of millions of individuals around the world. This report is just the start of a broad and ongoing dialogue between security leaders, public officials, and enterprises."

The guide identifies key questions that CISO should be asking to create a GenAI policy within their organization:

  • Who is using the technology in their organization, and for what purpose?
  • How can they protect enterprise information while employees are interacting with GenAI?
  • How can they manage the security risks of the underlying technology?
  • How can they balance security tradeoffs with the value the technology offers?

“While many of the risks inherent to GenAI exist in any cloud or AI/ML-based technologies, and should be covered by existing policies, new policies that assume wide adoption of GenAI, including by non-technical personnel, are required,” concludes Bobi Gilburd, Chief Innovation Officer at Team8.

The full CISO guide on Generative AI is available for download here.

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Nicole Lombardo


Nicole Lombardo