New Training Aims at Helping Organizations Make Meaningful DEI Change

Kantola’s new online course puts the focus on making DEI relatable, practical and actionable for everyone

MILL VALLEY, Calif.--()--Kantola Training Solutions, an eLearning industry leader trusted by over 15,000 organizations, just launched its newest Diversity, Equity and Inclusion course, as part of its co-development partnership with Littler, the world’s largest employment law firm. The new course leans deeply into an innovative online training approach that enables participants to apply DEI learning in real-life work situations.

Organizations are working hard to achieve meaningful DEI change and they are poised to continue. According to new research from Gallup, 84% of CHROs say their organization’s investment in DEIB is increasing. To help make training an integral part of bringing about DEI change, Kantola has put the focus on producing the only online training that is relatable, practical, actionable—and delivered with a sensitive, nuanced and thoughtful approach.

The principles behind Kantola’s approach

Differentiating it from all other online DEI training, Kantola has shaped its new course on these three critical principles.

Relatable for everyone – Through a story-based approach with real-life, unscripted interviews, the course aims at making a personal and meaningful connection to each individual learner—even those people who are struggling to understand DEI and why it is important to them.

Meaningful and interactive – The course provides opportunities for learners to participate in meaningful interactive exercises. Accompanying scenes deeply explore multiple scenarios, such as how to give and receive feedback—playing out what might happen depending on what people say and how they react.

Practical and actionable – A focus on practical learning enables participants to take what they have learned and adapt it to real-life. Participants are guided to practice making choices, such as how they might manage a conflict or choose to respond in a specific situation. Exercises show learners how their choices can bring about a different outcome.

Through its training, Kantola is striving to help organizations carve a path to meaningful DEI change—by uniting people around their differences and showing how they can apply DEI in their daily work life. Kantola CEO, Sarah Rowell, puts it this way, “We’ve designed our DEI training to help organizations meet the expectations of the moment—to improve employees’ work lives, create greater collaboration and strengthen their organizations now and into the future.”

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About Kantola

Kantola is an innovative eLearning company focused on diversity, equity, inclusion and harassment prevention. We are committed to helping organizations make their workplaces better for everyone—through world-class training solutions that change perspectives, achieve compliance, and elevate culture. Kantola’s cinematic quality productions breathe life into complex ideas, delivering nuanced, relatable, interactive training through authentic scenarios that engage, inform, and enlighten. Trusted by over 15,000 organizations, Kantola has achieved a "World Class" Net Promoter Score of 73, demonstrating unrivaled, enduring customer satisfaction.

Exceeding all industry standards, Kantola’s training results are unmatched: 97% of learners better identify and deal with issues after training, learners rate courses a 9.2 out of 10, and a 99% learner completion rate with industry-leading software enables organizations to achieve full compliance with effortless implementation. Kantola’s prominence is further underscored through its partnerships with leading organizations such as Littler, the world's largest employment law firm, and SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management), the nation’s largest HR professional society.

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Rachael Dowd, Communiqué PR
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Rachael Dowd, Communiqué PR
206-282-4923 ext. 115