Mobile Heartbeat® and Akkadian Labs Announce Technology Partnership

Streamlining the provisioning of communications and collaboration solutions for the healthcare industry

WALTHAM, Mass.--()--Mobile Heartbeat, the leading clinical communication and collaboration company, is pleased to announce a new partnership with Akkadian Labs, developer of the leading unified communications (UC) provisioning automation solution for enterprises and MSPs. Our flagship product, MH-CURE® now integrates with Akkadian Provisioning Manager allowing zero-touch provisioning for users.

MH-CURE users are automatically provisioned with the API Triggers feature, streamlining UC workflows. For example, after on-boarding a new user into the Cisco Collaboration UC platform, Provisioning Manager can be configured to add a MH-CURE account for the new employee – saving time, reducing costs, and assuring consistency.

This technology partnership between Akkadian Labs and Mobile Heartbeat enables the healthcare enterprise to seamlessly manage MACD’s for a variety of communications and collaboration solutions, allowing the UC administrator to focus on more strategic projects rather than repetitive, manual tasks. “We are all about saving time and reducing friction. By integrating Mobile Heartbeat’s MH-CURE with Akkadian Provisioning Manager we’re allowing IT teams, project managers, and administrators to efficiently manage user access to key collaboration solutions across the healthcare enterprise” said Mobile Heartbeat Chief Operating Officer, Mike Detjen. “Interoperability across the ecosystem, which ultimately helps care teams access the tools necessary to delivery patient care is our goal”.

The Akkadian Provisioning Manager integration with MH-CURE is currently deployed at one of the largest healthcare networks in the American Southwest.

“We are excited to be working with Mobile Heartbeat. With 50% of the top hospitals in the U.S. already using Akkadian Provisioning Manager, we envision numerous joint customers benefiting from this technology partnership,” said Tom Bamert, Chief Product Officer at Akkadian Labs.

About Mobile Heartbeat

Mobile Heartbeat® is a leading clinical communication and collaboration company with the goal of driving collaborative care and positive patient outcomes throughout the healthcare enterprise. Using a single, highly integrated clinical communication platform, MH-CURE® securely engages colleagues across every department. Our solution quickly finds the right person at the right time with the right information on the right patient to collaborate on the right care resulting in accelerated decision-making, improved care delivery, and faster patient throughput. Hundreds of thousands of nurses, physicians, and allied health workers at the largest, most complex healthcare systems in the United States rely on Mobile Heartbeat to power their communications.

To learn more about Mobile Heartbeat, visit the website or schedule a demo to see the value MH-CURE can bring to your health system.

About Akkadian Labs

Akkadian Labs helps enterprises streamline user provisioning for unified communications. Our automated UC provisioning software helps turn manual, error-prone provisioning tasks into streamlined, repeatable steps that anyone can perform. Businesses and MSPs trust Akkadian Labs to make their UC platforms more efficient, cost-effective, and easier to manage.

To learn more about Akkadian Labs, visit the website or schedule a demonstration today to see Akkadian Provisioning Manager in action.


MEDIA: Kelly Challenger
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MEDIA: Kelly Challenger
(781) 238-0000