Airbus Ventures Congratulates Qunnect on its GothamQ Network Research Hub and Facilities

Now demoing at the new site facility, Qunnect also announces the commercial launch of QU-Source, an atomic source that can preserve entanglement with high fidelity, ideal for interfacing with a wide variety of quantum devices that Qunnect believes is the highest-performing entanglement source for quantum networking to date.


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Marking Quantum Day 2023, Qunnect has coupled this announcement with the commercial launch of its QU-Source product. Source: Qunnect

MENLO PARK, Calif.--()--Airbus Ventures congratulates Qunnect, the industry leader in quantum-secure networking technology, on its newly constructed R&D facility and Network Research Hub expressly designed to scale quantum-secure deployment on existing telecom fibre infrastructure.

“Our testbed, GothamQ, is the first network of its kind in the US dedicated to the practical distribution of useful entanglement to perform quantum networking protocols over metropolitan distances,” notes Qunnect CEO Noel Goddard. “This network will not only host new forms of secure communication, but it will also support other quantum devices, including computers and sensors. This collection of capabilities will serve as the foundation for the Quantum Internet.”

Marking Quantum Day 2023, Qunnect has coupled this announcement with the commercial launch of its QU-Source product. QU-Source is the only entanglement source on the market that produces exceptionally pure polarisation photon pairs that are readily compatible with telecom fibre and atomic-based quantum devices. A paper describing the underlying physics can be viewed here on ArXiv.

Qunnect’s QU-Sources are installed on the GothamQ network, where the company is performing pilots on 34km loops traversing Brooklyn and Queens. These products are supported by their other recently launched product, the QU-APC, which corrects for damaging fluctuations in the fibre channels caused by environmental perturbations.

“We are introducing a source capable of generating more than ten million pairs of high fidelity polarisation entangled photons with sub-GHz linewidth, high heralding efficiency and bichromatic wavelength to be compatible with telecom fibres and atomic devices,” explains Co-Founder and CSO Mehdi Namazi. “Additionally, by leveraging GothamQ, we proved the practicality of distributing these entangled photons over 34km of New York City deployed fibres, while maintaining high rate, high entanglement fidelity, and very high, uninterrupted network uptime.”

“Qunnect’s impressive breakthroughs in quantum-safe, secure communication protocols are primed to impact across industries - telecom, aerospace, defense, finance, healthcare - and all others that consider information security essential,” comments Airbus Ventures Partners Nicole Conner. “Airbus Ventures is proud to work closely with emerging deeptech leaders, like Qunnect, applying their elegant innovations and practical product suites to solve real-world challenges. We anticipate many great achievements ahead for Noel and the entire Qunnect team.”

To learn more about Qunnect's metropolitan-grade product suite, please visit:

About Qunnect

Qunnect innovates and commercializes the core technologies needed for scalable quantum-safe communication. In 2021, the company commercialized the world's first quantum memory. The memory serves as the cornerstone to Qunnect's product suite, offering integrated solutions for Metropolitan-Scale and Long-Distance distribution of entanglement across existing telecommunications infrastructure. The company is headquartered in the Brooklyn Navy Yard where it operates GothamQ, a quantum network spanning across New York City. Qunnect recently announced its Series A financing round led by Airbus Ventures and is grateful for research support from the US Department of Energy, the US Air Force, and Activate Global, sponsored by the DARPA-MTO Innovate Program.

About Airbus Ventures

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, with offices in Toulouse and Tokyo, Airbus Ventures is a fast-moving, early-stage venture capital company that independently funds and supports startups set to shift both the aerospace industry and our planetary system to a sustainable future. Airbus Ventures has helped aspiring innovators reach new dimensions of achievement since 2015.


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