TimeXtender Announces Acquisition of BI Builders as Part of Long-Term Growth Strategy

BELLEVUE, Wash. & AARHUS, Denmark--()--TimeXtender, a data management and automation software company based in Aarhus, announced today that it has acquired BI Builders, a data automation software company based in Stavanger, Norway.

With this acquisition, TimeXtender will be able to support customers and users with a more comprehensive data automation solution, while also strengthening its position as a global market leader within the data management and data warehouse automation market.

“We are very excited to announce the acquisition of BI Builders and welcome the team to TimeXtender,” said Heine Krog Iversen, CEO and Founder of TimeXtender. “Bringing two of Europe’s leading data automation vendors together creates scale for further innovation. With the ever-increasing speed of innovation and technology advancements, size matters to continue to be a trustworthy vendor to our partners and customers. The products have different strengths and bringing them together into one cohesive platform will cement our position as a market leader for data warehouse automation and lay the foundation for widening out with data quality, master data management, data catalog, and observability over the coming years.”

“This is a first fantastic step in creating a global market leader in a very fragmented market, and possible with the great backing of Monterro,” said Iversen. “BI Builders is bringing a wealth of smart people with deep industry knowledge. I am a firm believer that talent density is the most important driver for innovation. Bringing the two organizations together will bring us to 115 XPeople around the world, improving our delivery capabilities in all areas.”

“BI Builders and TimeXtender have the same ambitions and overall goal of becoming a global market leader within data warehouse automation,” said Jarle Soland, CEO of BI Builders. “Combining the best from TimeXtender software and Xpert BI, BI Builders’ data automation software, will give our customers an even more comprehensive solution. BI Builders brings a strong position within the energy sector, real estate, and aquaculture industries in Norway.”

“During our due diligence, a lot of time was spent assessing our purpose, direction, alignment, and commitment and having conversations about company culture,” said Anne Krog Iversen, TimeXtender Co-Founder, and Chief DNA & Culture Officer. “It was clear that together we will use our purpose and Core Beliefs to achieve our goals through open, honest, and transparent communication.”

“BI Builders consists of 36 very competent and motivated employees who will join forces with the XPeople to secure further growth,” said Soland in closing. “The idea of joining the two key players in the data warehouse automation space makes it possible to scale at a much higher speed. The offering to the market, bringing the best from both TimeXtender and Xpert BI, gives us all that we need to prove the joint position as a market leader. This is a win-win for customers, partners, and the companies.”

About TimeXtender

TimeXtender, through its data estate builder, allows users to implement a modern data estate 10x faster with a simple, drag-and-drop user interface for ingesting and preparing data for analysis. It overlays and unifies the data infrastructure, connects to 250+ data sources, and provides all the powerful data preparation capabilities necessary in a unified, secure, future-proof solution. The underlying code is generated automatically, which reduces build costs by 70%, frees data engineers from repetitive tasks, and provides less-technical business users with a no-code experience for creating their own data products.

TimeXtender allows organizations to quickly integrate their siloed data into a data lake, model their data warehouse, and define data marts for multiple business intelligence (BI) tools and endpoints. With 16+ years of experience optimizing best practices and building modern data estates for top-performing organizations, TimeXtender maintains an unprecedented 95% retention rate with more than 3,300 customers by continuing to deliver a trusted, reliable, and secure data management solution.

About BI Builders

Through its Xpert BI software, BI Builders helps customers convert data from existing business systems into valuable information, enabling organizations to make better and faster decisions. With Xpert BI, organizations can ship trusted data 4x faster, be more productive and agile, free up time for value creation, stay in control and minimize risks.

Xpert BI enables automatic documentation, standardization, data governance support, and methodology improvements over off-the-shelf ETL- and ELT tools. Functionality highlights include holistic data ingest, support for DataOps with test automation, source control, and data quality, advanced API management and API creation, data source adapters, performance optimizations, migration wizards, and end-to-end column-level data lineage. Supporting both Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS). The visualization tool is not limited to Power BI.

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Press Contacts:
Heine Krog Iversen | hki@timextender.com
Jarle Soland | Jarle.soland@bi-builders.com

Release Summary

TimeXtender is excited to announce that it has acquired BI Builders, a data automation software company based in Stavanger, Norway.


Press Contacts:
Heine Krog Iversen | hki@timextender.com
Jarle Soland | Jarle.soland@bi-builders.com