ClimateTrade Acquires TeamClimate to Offer Subscription-Based Carbon Offsetting to Global Consumers

From left, TeamClimate co-founder Karim Abdel-Baky, ClimateTrade founder and CEO Francisco Benedito, and TeamClimate co-founder Christoph Rebernig. (Photo: Business Wire)

MIAMI--()--ClimateTrade, the world's first blockchain-based climate solutions provider, has acquired climate neutrality company TeamClimate to expand its global reach and improve its product portfolio. With a strong focus on reaching American consumers, the acquisition will enable ClimateTrade to offer subscription-based carbon offsetting directly to individuals in addition to businesses.

Based in Vienna, TeamClimate supports consumers and companies worldwide, with a focus on the German-speaking region, in their climate neutrality journey through carbon offsetting subscriptions. From $10 per month, subscribers can measure, reduce, and offset their carbon footprint by supporting verified projects such as one that protects 440 square meters of rainforest in Brazil. The company also features a flight offsetting platform called “mindfulflights,” and offers climate solutions for businesses.

“We couldn’t be more excited to bring TeamClimate into the ClimateTrade family,” said ClimateTrade CEO Francisco Benedito. “The founders’ and team’s dedication to making climate action both seamless and impactful for individuals and companies alike was clear to us from day one. By joining our expertise, climate projects and client bases, this acquisition will enable both ClimateTrade and TeamClimate to make a more consequential and positive impact on the fight against climate change.”

This latest acquisition represents another step in ClimateTrade’s international expansion, after the Valencia-born company opened its first U.S. headquarters in Miami and integrated E-Verde’s carbon footprint calculators last year. It also marks a shift in its client base: since its inception in 2018, ClimateTrade has developed a blockchain-based carbon credit marketplace where companies can offset their carbon footprint, as well as a Scope 3 plug-and-play API and a Whitelabel to allow its corporate clients to offer a carbon offsetting option to their own customers whether they are individuals or companies. With the integration of TeamClimate, ClimateTrade will now begin to offer subscription-based carbon offsetting directly to consumers and will be able to target Scope 3 for employees.

“When we started TeamClimate as a school project, we set out to enable people and companies to have a lasting, positive impact by reducing and offsetting their carbon emissions,” said TeamClimate Founder and CEO Christophe Reberig. “We are incredibly proud to join the ClimateTrade family to elevate our mission and journey to the next level. With ClimateTrade, we’ll be better able to grow our impact and build the best solutions for our customers, multiplying the difference we can make in our world.”


ClimateTrade, a climate solutions company, uses blockchain technology to help businesses and individuals reduce their environmental impact. They pioneered launching a marketplace for buying carbon, plastic, and biodiversity offsets, as well as renewable energy certificates from verified project developers. ClimateTrade also offers plug-and-play solutions such as the API and Whitelabel for easy integration into clients' systems, allowing for automatic carbon footprint calculation and offsetting. ClimateTrade supports the digital certification of carbon mitigation projects and national carbon registries.


TeamClimate (ReGreen GmbH) is a cleantech company based in Vienna, founded in 2015 as a school project aiming to reduce emissions among different industries and helping individuals to measure and reduce their own footprints. It has grown to one of the major players in the German speaking world. TeamClimate offers more than a dozen different carbon offsetting projects following the highest standards and has built several digital offerings to offset carbon emissions with a particular focus on providing insights into the social and environmental impact of the projects. Carbon neutral products certified by TeamClimate can be found in thousands of supermarkets and outlets in Germany and Austria.


Zach Shapiro

Release Summary

This acquisition enables ClimateTrade to reach consumers directly, offering them access to high quality carbon credits through its marketplace


Zach Shapiro