Think Tank Launches New Brand Identity with Focus on Travel Luggage


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SANTA ROSA, Calif.--()--Think Tank is launching a refreshed brand identity with a new focus on travel luggage leading off with the tagline: Venture, Observe, Connect™.

Think Tank is a leading manufacturer of innovative, top-quality camera bags, backpacks, and rolling luggage designed for professional photographers and photo enthusiasts. The company has been a leader in the industry for more than a decade, providing photographers the best protection for their cameras, lenses, and gear as they travel around the world on assignments and adventures.

With the launch of their new brand identity, Think Tank is expanding their focus to now include new lines of travel luggage. These new lines will feature a wide range of sizes and styles, from everyday carry backpacks to stylish, rolling suitcases, and accessories.

Think Tank’s new Venture, Observe, Connect™ tagline speaks to the brand’s commitment to helping their “Venturing Observer” customers explore the world and be inspired by the sights and experiences along the way. Think Tank’s new travel bags are designed for efficient and comfortable travel, while also providing users with the most durable gear they need to explore the world.

“We’re excited to launch our new brand identity with a focus on travel luggage,” said Doug Murdoch, Founder and CEO of Think Tank Photo. “Our customers are expert travelers who venture all over the world capturing incredible images, and this new venture into travel is a natural extension of the Think Tank brand and legacy.”

Think Tank’s brand reveal can be experienced on their newly redesigned website at:

About Think Tank:

Think Tank creates the highest quality photo and travel gear for the world’s Venturing Observers. Designing products inspired by their community of globe-trotting pro photographers, Think Tank supports those seeking illuminating experiences and enables us to Venture, Observe, Connect™ with our world. Join us on the journey at


Matt Fabiano, Content Director


Matt Fabiano, Content Director