Azelis Share Buyback Program 2023 – Update

ANTWERP, Belgium--()--Regulatory News:

In accordance with article 8:4 of the Royal Decree of 29 April 2019 executing the Belgian Code of Companies and Associations, Azelis Group NV (the “Company” or “Azelis”) (Brussels:AZE) hereby reports on the buyback of Azelis shares under the Share Buyback Program 2023.

Under the Share Buyback Program 2023, Azelis has mandated an independent financial intermediary to buy back up to 150,000 ordinary shares, for a total maximum amount of EUR 3,500,000, starting on 20 March 2023, to cover future obligations under the Long-Term Incentive Plan of the Company.

In the framework of this Share Buyback Program 2023, the Company has purchased 27,500 shares in the period from 24 March 2023 up to and including 30 March 2023, as follows:

Trade date

Total shares

Average price

price paid

price paid

Buyback amount

March 24, 2023


23.39 €

23.26 €

23.72 €

70,159.80 €

March 27, 2023


23.52 €

23.48 €

23.70 €

70,547.70 €

March 28, 2023


23.01 €

22.94 €

23.54 €

92,023.60 €

March 29, 2023


22.98 €

22.84 €

23.28 €

126,380.10 €

March 30, 2023


23.08 €

23.00 €

23.30 €

276,906.00 €

Since the start of the implementation of the Share Buyback Program 2023, Azelis has bought back 57,500 shares on Euronext Brussels for a total amount of EUR 1,349,566.00. This corresponds to 0.025 % of the total shares outstanding.

An overview of the Share Buyback Program 2023 is available on the investor relations pages of Azelis' website under the section “Shareholder Information/ Share buyback program”, and this press release is as well available under the section "Regulated Information".

- END –

About Azelis

Azelis is a leading global innovation service provider in the specialty chemical and food ingredients industry, present in 63 countries across the globe with over 3,800 employees. Our knowledgeable teams of industry, market and technical experts are each dedicated to a specific market within Life Sciences and Industrial Chemicals. We offer a lateral value chain of complementary products to more than 59,000 customers, supported by +2,700 principal relationships, creating a turnover of €4.1 billion (2022). Azelis Group NV is listed on Euronext Brussels under ticker AZE.

Across our extensive network of more than 60 application laboratories, our award-winning staff help develop formulations and provide technical guidance throughout the customers’ product development process. We combine a global market reach with a local footprint to offer a reliable, integrated, and unique digital service to local customers and attractive -business opportunities to principals. Top industry-rated by Sustainalytics, Azelis is a leader in sustainability. We believe in building and nurturing solid, honest and transparent relationships with our people and partners.

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Contact information
Azelis Investor Relations
Tel.: +32 3 613 0127


Contact information
Azelis Investor Relations
Tel.: +32 3 613 0127