Folloze Unveils First-of-its-Kind Marketing Automation Identity Matching to Deliver Up to 40% More Known Leads

Combining known and unknown identity insights and behavioral data from across the entire buyer journey, marketers gain a high definition picture of prospects to enhance personalization.

Latest identity matching capabilities for the Folloze BX 3.0 platform are available across key marketing automation solutions, including Marketo and Eloqua.

SAN MATEO, Calif.--()--Folloze, creator of the world’s first and only no-code B2B Buyer Experience Platform (BX 3.0), today announced the addition of a new highly sophisticated identity sourcing enhancement for the Folloze BX 3.0 platform that enables marketers to reach an entirely new level of personalization. For the first time ever, enterprise marketers will be able to leverage Folloze’s persistent identity matching, a model now enhanced with marketing automation cookie matching, to create the richest picture yet of an individual buyer and their needs, using the combination of known and unknown identity insights and behavioral data all in one view. In early testing, cookie matching yields up to 40% more known leads, which helps marketers more effectively target them throughout the buyer’s journey. Cookie matching is now available across leading marketing automation solution providers including Marketo and Eloqua.

Folloze’s cookie matching debuts at a time when organizations face increasing challenges in trying to provide a more relevant, engaging experience when many online visitors are still unknown. While ABM has made significant inroads to help marketers create content that meets the priorities and interests of the company or account, it is limited in knowledge of the buyer as an individual, which affects the ability to prioritize and personalize marketing efforts. Folloze’s unique identity model now with enhanced cookie matching capabilities incorporates first and third-party behavioral data to take a casual browser from being unknown to known much quicker. Now marketers will be able to fully understand exactly who is on the buying side, where they are in their journey, whether they are already a lead in the system, and what they are most likely to need next. Knowing such information is critical for sales and marketing insights as well as AI modeling– all of which can create a far better experience for prospects, buyers and customers, while positively impacting revenue.

“When it comes down to it, people don’t like form fills, and they provide only a small piece of information about a buyer. Yet this invasive tool remains the norm today. Folloze is providing marketers a better way to learn about their customers with identity matching and behavioral data that helps enhance the buyer journey,” said David Brutman, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Folloze. “Through our persistent commitment to innovation, we can now help marketers improve their ability to identify and truly understand who their prospects are so that they can serve them much more effectively– and efficiently– at scale.”

The “Journey Factor” into the Known and Unknown

Folloze has long provided a variety of ways to identify contacts within an account early on. This includes the traditional form fill, clicking into a trackable link, or informed content matching provided by other data sources including 6sense and Demandbase. Now, marketers can take this to the next level with Folloze’s industry-leading technology. The identity matching solution allows for a completely progressive identity. Folloze identifies individual buyers very quickly, especially if they are already in its database, or on one of the platforms with cookie matching integration, and then it surfaces their entire activity history to deliver a complete picture that allows marketers to understand the buyer’s unique journey.

This powerful identity model, enhanced with cookie matching capabilities, or what Folloze refers to as the “journey factor,” is truly novel in that it combines known and unknown identity markers with behavioral data to get the richest picture of the buyer and their needs. This means marketers are no longer dependent on IP matching alone.

“Since we began using the BX 3.0 platform, we have seen increased results and impact from all that Folloze enables us to do – and it just keeps getting better as the company adds new capabilities,” said Itamar Sabo, Vice President of Growth Marketing and Demand Generation at Gigamon. “The automated cookie matching gives us more insight into the prospects we want to convert and where to spend our energy. It makes our job much easier as we can see buyers as actual people for the first time, and that pays big dividends for us.”

The newest addition to the Folloze BX 3.0 platform continues to enhance its data to provide the highest level of identification across the martech system. Although the platform can be informed by other sources, it also provides a standalone identity model for “persistent identity” as buyers engage in different ways and places.

Notably, Folloze does not use third-party data. Its system is based solely on first-party data, optimizing on the data it has. Folloze adheres to strict opt-in policies.

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Carmen Mantalas
Mantalas Communications for Folloze

Release Summary

Latest identity matching capabilities for Folloze BX 3.0 are available across key marketing automation solutions, including Marketo and Eloqua.


Carmen Mantalas
Mantalas Communications for Folloze