5th Edition of the “TOP 500 Cross-Border Retail Europe”: An Annual Ranking of the TOP 500 European Cross-Border Online Shops.

BRUSSELS--()--Cross-Border Commerce Europe, the platform that stimulates cross-border e-commerce in Europe, releases a major research paper covering and ranking the 500 strongest European players with a focus on cross-border performance. The total online EU cross-border market generated €179.4 billion in 2022 (excluding travel), an increase of 5% YTD. A total of €105.5 billion in turnover was achieved across borders by European webshops. In this fifth edition of the “TOP 500 Cross-Border Retail Europe”, IKEA maintains the leading position. Lidl as a retailer paves the way to a robust multi-channel cross-border strategy. A study produced by CBCommerce with the support of Checkout.com, FedEx Express and Payoneer.

The TOP 500 reveals lower than expected cross-border turnover amid a challenging macro-economic environment and supply chain challenges. The TOP 500 GMV showed a slight increase over 2022 after trading was impacted by lower consumer confidence and inflationary pressures. It comes as the pandemic boom in online shopping continues to fade for many retail giants. Nevertheless, online EU sales, with a growth of 2.8%, outperformed total retail, which flattened in 2022.

The ‘TOP 500 Cross-Border Retail Europe’ edition is a major compilation of cross-border data from the websites of European retailers. The ranking is obtained by weighing four parameters:

  • Online cross-border sales in Europe (15 countries within Western Europe and Scandinavia, and the United Kingdom)
  • SEO-indicators covering cross-border performance
  • Cross-border score determined on the amount of active countries
  • Number and percentage of cross-border visitors

Seven additional secondary weighted parameters fine-tune this ranking:

  • Brand authority
  • Organic search percentage
  • Number of languages
  • Number of currencies
  • Number of payment methods
  • Local supply availability (transport and stock services)
  • Marketplace functionality

TOP 10

  • Top 1: Ikea
  • Top 2: Lidl
  • Top 3: Zalando
  • Top 4: H&M
  • Top 5: LEGO
  • Top 6: Zara
  • Top 7: Jysk
  • Top 8: Bauhaus
  • Top 9: Notino
  • Top 10: Adidas

Infographic: https://docs.cbcommerce.eu/press-releases/top500/infographic-top500-2023.pdf

Full press release: https://www.cbcommerce.eu/blog/2023/03/27/5th-edition-of-the-top-500-cross-border-retail-europe-an-annual-ranking-of-the-top-500-european-cross-border-online-shops/

About Cross-Border Commerce Europe:

Cross-Border Commerce Europe is the European network and knowledge platform for all eCommerce and omnichannel players present in at least three countries in Europe. CBCommerce.eu brings the different actors in contact with each other to increase visibility, share knowledge, discover trends and specificities of each European country.


Carine Moitier
Founder Cross-Border Commerce Europe
Mobile: +32 473 26 05 61
E-mail: carine.moitier@cbcommerce.eu

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Carine Moitier
Founder Cross-Border Commerce Europe
Mobile: +32 473 26 05 61
E-mail: carine.moitier@cbcommerce.eu