I/O Fund Cumulative Returns Double the Nasdaq Following a Tough 2022

Actively managed portfolio and research site announces its largest cumulative lead over institutional all-tech portfolios.

SAN FRANCISCO--()--I/O Fund, a tech research site that actively manages a real time portfolio, announces a cumulative return of 46.92% since inception versus the Nasdaq-100’s 18.65% return during the same time period.

  • The I/O Fund’s cumulative returns of 46.92% have more than doubled the Nasdaq since 2020 with an outperformance of 28.27%
  • I/O Fund’s 2022 performance of (38.8%) rivaled the Nasdaq-100 performance of (32.9%)
  • The I/O Fund’s relative outperformance in 2022 surpassed institutional all-tech portfolios by as much as 85%
  • Since inception, the I/O Fund has a lead over institutional technology portfolios by as much as 174%

These results were independently audited, and prove the I/O Fund kept its momentum as a leader in forecasting tech growth stocks. More details on how the I/O Fund compares can be found on the I/O Fund website. The figures stated do not include dividends or fees.

“We stayed focused and pivoted to hedging in April which helped us stage a strong comeback. In addition to hedging, we built a defensive tech portfolio that included two of the tech industry’s leading stocks. We held these winners at some of our highest allocations in Q3 2022 with gains of 33% and 43% on our initial entries.”

The firm is well-known for carefully choosing allocations as an important risk management tool. Lead Tech Analyst, Beth Kindig, has over a decade of experience analyzing tech. Her deep dive research helped the firm build its highest allocations in the complex semiconductor industry, which was the best performing sector in tech in 2021 and 2022.

Kindig has made contrarian, bullish calls on Nvidia in her free newsletter. Her analysis led to the I/O Fund buying at the October low for a 35% gain by year end, which has turned into more than 140% gains. Year-to-date, Nvidia is the best performing S&P 500 stock on the market, and remains the I/O Fund’s top position.

I/O Fund also owes its lead over other all-tech portfolios to technical analysis. Portfolio Manager, Knox Ridley, actively manages the portfolio in real-time, providing readers with weekly webinars and charts to show where the I/O Fund plans to buy and sell key positions.

Ridley is known for managing high-risk assets in 2022, such as Bitcoin, Nvidia, and Netflix, with a near-perfect track record. This led to outperformance during a historic selloff across tech stocks. Ridley issues real-time trade alerts to research subscribers for every stock entry and exit plus offers a pie chart of the portfolio’s allocations.

“Given that 2022 destroyed more wealth on record than any other time in modern history, beating the Nasdaq on a cumulative basis cannot be overstated. The far majority of our competitors cannot say the same. Our performance reflects our ability to outperform in any market condition,” said Portfolio Manager Knox Ridley.

In April, the I/O Fund partnered with Vincent Duchaine of WealthUmbrella to develop an automated hedging signal. Duchaine is an A.I. and Machine Learning University Professor who worked with Ridley to create an automated risk-on/risk-off signal for retail investors. This marked an important turnaround for the I/O Fund as the team expanded their risk management tools during a critical year to stave off losses.

“It is not the good years when a team stands out, rather in the face of adversity,” CEO Beth Kindig stated. “Our outperformance across four audits has resulted in exceptional cumulative returns for our sector. We feel confident that those looking for a quality resource in the tech sector will take note of our ability to exceed other all-tech portfolios in both bull and bear markets.”

The I/O Fund hires an independent accounting firm to conduct its periodic audits. It reviewed statements from January 1st 2022 through December 31st 2022 from the company’s brokerage and blockchain accounts and found no discrepancies.

For more information, including pricing plans for the I/O Fund’s research, visit their website at https://io-fund.com. Premium members access a portfolio of 10+ positions, webinars, institutional-level research, real-time trade notifications and more. The firm also offers a free weekly newsletter.


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I/O Fund, a tech stock research site, announces a cumulative return of 46.92% versus NDX return of 18.65%. I/O Fund has more than doubled the Nasdaq.

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