Absolute Engagement Launches Engagement Technology to Transform Relationships with Prospects and Clients, Drive Better Decision-Making

Powered by decades of insights from financial advisors, Julie Littlechild launches the Absolute Engagement Engine, a fintech solution that drives personalized engagement at scale

TORONTO--()--Absolute Engagement, a firm transforming the way advisors engage with clients and prospects, has launched the Absolute Engagement Engine, a quantum leap forward in empowering financial advisors to deliver an efficient and deeply engaging prospect and client experience.

In order to drive engagement, advisors must go beyond meeting service expectations to co-create an experience that is responsive to the true needs, feelings and unique challenges of each of their prospects and clients. Because these things are highly personal, are often fluid, and can differ within a couple or family, responding in real time is incredibly challenging. The Engagement Engine reveals those true needs and enables advisors to respond by triggering the right action at the right time—automatically—effortlessly enhancing the experience in real time.

The Engagement Engine technology is rooted in a “reveal-and-respond” framework developed by Julie Littlechild, founder and CEO, and the team at Absolute Engagement. Building on Absolute Engagement’s deep experience developing thoughtful, one-to-many surveys that capture sentiment and needs at a given moment in time, the Engagement Engine allows advisors to capture one-to-one input at each stage of the client journey in real time. The core features of the Engagement Engine not only reveal the perceptions, preferences and expectations of prospects and clients, but goes deeper to reveal their needs, feelings and priorities.

The data captured by the Engagement Engine is transformed into actionable insights that not only allows advisors and leadership teams to measure and enhance the client experience and optimize service and growth plans, but to do something completely new.

  • Real time input can now be used to drive meaningful interactions with leads, prospects, new clients and existing clients.
  • Real time insights are generated as advisors learn more about their prospects and clients across the journey and over time.
  • Real time actions are triggered by integrating that data into existing workflows.

“After working with thousands of advisors and conducting ongoing investor research, we identified a clear gap,” said Littlechild. “While advisors could use traditional surveys to capture high-level feedback at a point in time, it was difficult to uncover the real-time, one-to-one input that would drive authentic engagement. The Engagement Engine makes that possible, automatically revealing what’s in the hearts and minds of prospects and clients to automatically trigger the appropriate actions in real time.”

Matt Brinker, managing partner at Merchant Investment Management and Absolute Engagement’s newest Advisory Board member, said: “Based on decades of experience and troves of data, Julie and her team have created something new, a client input flywheel that finally works for advisors, and their clients, to make one of the most valuable relationships in a person’s life even more valuable.”

Joe Martin, chief client experience officer at Summitry, a Bay Area RIA overseeing more than $2 billion in AUM, added, “We have worked with the team at Absolute Engagement for many years to capture insights that inform our client experience. What we were missing was a way to use client input in real time to transform our client review process. The Engagement Engine allows our advisors to prepare for reviews more efficiently, supports strategic decision-making at the leadership level, and drives deeper engagement and referrals.”

Interested financial advisors and leaders or advisory firms can visit absoluteengagement.com/engine to book a demo and learn more about how they can enhance the experience of each prospect and client in real time and with less effort.


Absolute Engagement, founded by Julie Littlechild in 2014, empowers advisory firms to drive personalized engagement at scale. In addition to conducting on-going investor and advisor research, the firm provides innovative engagement technology that reveals the true needs of prospects and clients and allows advisors to respond in real time. The data generated through the Absolute Engagement Engine supports leadership teams in making better strategic and operational decisions.

Julie Littlechild is a recognized expert on the drivers of client engagement and a popular speaker on how client experience is being disrupted. She has worked with and studied successful financial advisors and their clients for more than twenty-five years. Prior to founding Absolute Engagement, Julie launched and ran one of the industry's leading research firms, focused on client engagement. She is the author of a popular blog and The Pursuit of Absolute Engagement. She has served on the national board of the Financial Planning Association, currently sits on an Investment and Wealth Institute advisory board, was twice identified as one of the 25 Most Influential People by Financial Planning and won an industry Influencer Award in practice management. She holds an MBA from the University of Toronto.


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