GTM Partners Report Touts ROI of Sendoso’s Direct Marketing Solution

“A Go-To-Market Perspective” Highlights Sendoso’s Clear and High ROI, Compelling Differentiation and Fast Time to Value in Driving Revenue, Pipeline and Retention for Prospects and Customers

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Sendoso, the global industry leader in direct marketing automation, today released a new report from GTM Partners, a data-driven Go-to-Market Analyst firm, demonstrating the importance of Direct Marketing Automation. The analysis highlights Sendoso’s role in building authentic relationships with customers and prospects. Entitled “A Go-To-Market Perspective,” the report confirms the effectiveness of Sendoso’s clear ROI story, compelling differentiation and fast time to value for sales, marketing and customer success teams backed by customer interviews and data.

According to a study from the Data & Marketing Association, the response rate for direct marketing to an existing customer is 3.7% vs email at 0.2%, demonstrating the power of direct marketing automation.

Following feedback from hundreds of users, GTM Partners’ analysis showcases how Sendoso customers have seen material ROI after implementing the company’s account-based direct mail, direct mail automation and promotional product management solutions. Respondents pointed to Sendoso’s ability to simplify personalized sending, automate global gifting at scale, easily track engagement and ROI, and provide a global direct marketplace with thousands of personalized experiences ranging from eGifts to virtual experiences to branded merchandise, handwritten notes and many more.

“GTM Partners determined that Sendoso's primary value propositions solve issues that are widely experienced by their customers, which see material ROI over prior approaches after implementing Sendoso,” said Sangram Vajre, Co-Founder and CEO of GTM Partners. “More than 93% of Sendoso customers reported achieving a fast time to value within one to three months of purchase.”

Sendoso customers reported revenue outcomes as a direct result of direct mail use in their own Go-to-Market programs, including:

  • 5x response over non-direct mail cadence;
  • 15x ROI attributed to direct mail campaigns;
  • $33 million influenced pipeline;
  • $8 million influenced in a single campaign;
  • 72% increase in webinar attendance

“This perspective, supported by our ROI statistics, shows the importance and value of direction marketing automation in today’s business economy and reaffirms Sendoso’s position as the undisputed global leader in direct marketing automation,” said Neil Shah, Head of Product Marketing at Sendoso. “Connecting with customers is critical to achieving and growing success, and the tools Sendoso provides are essential for every sales, marketing and customer success team to drive more revenue, pipeline and retention.”

Sendoso’s direct marketing automation platform focuses on connecting people and humanizing engagement and outreach by solving widely experienced issues in three key areas: pipeline growth, underperforming outbound sales motion, and customer retention. Sendoso is a one-stop solution for sales, marketing and customer success teams that creates highly-differentiated strategies while building trust and authentic relationships and amplifying sales and marketing investments.

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About Sendoso

Sendoso is the global leader in Direct Marketing Automation, creating, curating and delivering automated, meaningful experiences for customers of all sizes. The trusted partner of Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies worldwide, Sendoso helps customers generate new pipelines, utilize account-based efforts, boost customer retention and increase upsell and cross sell.

Sendoso has locations across North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific, and has had more than 800 customers leverage its proven automated solution to deliver nearly four million sends worldwide. Learn more at

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