3D Investment Partners Issues Open Letter to Sapporo Shareholders

Highlights Company’s Long-Term Underperformance, Disappointing Medium-Term Plan and Inadequate Board Composition

We welcome your opinions as we continue to engage in constructive dialogue with Sapporo’s Board and management team to enhance corporate value for all shareholders

Invites Shareholders to Share with 3D Their Perspectives on Sapporo’s Strategy, Capital Allocation, Business Configuration, Governance and Opportunities

TOKYO--()--3D Investment Partners Pte. Ltd. (together with the funds it manages, “3D”), one of Sapporo’s largest shareholders, today sent an open letter to shareholders of Sapporo Holdings Limited (“Sapporo” or the “Company”) (2501.T).

In the letter, 3D notes that Sapporo has seriously undermanaged its potential and failed to create corporate value. Especially, Sapporo's management has allowed brand value to dissipate for many years. Sapporo’s Medium-Term Management Plan fails to address these issues and instead seeks to divert attention from Sapporo’s long-running failure to capitalize on its iconic alcoholic beverage brands by repositioning the Company’s real estate development activities as a “core” business.
We believe that Sapporo’s real estate business has structural problems that allow management to be lax and neglect the underperformance of the alcoholic beverage business.

3D does not believe Sapporo or its stakeholders should be satisfied with the continued poor performance of the alcoholic beverages business, nor should Sapporo focus on real estate simply because the current management has been unable to fix Sapporo’s ailing alcoholic beverages business.

Furthermore, we are concerned that Sapporo’s Board is ill-suited to the task of addressing Sapporo’s challenges and opportunities.

In the letter, 3D asks for shareholders to share their perspectives on Sapporo so that 3D may continue to engage in constructive dialogue with the Company to drive change and create corporate value.

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