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Llama Group (ALLAM)(Paris: ALLAM)(Brussels: ALLAM) today clarified the advances made in the roll-out of the new version of the Winamp music platform. Its launch will be on a global scale, with an opening to artists starting March 15th, before access is opened to audiences around the world starting 15 April. In the second quarter, many new services will be released progressively.

With two years of significant investments, Winamp is now ready to make its big return, with the ambition of revolutionising the relationship between artists and fans and to create new revenue streams for artists. Winamp already rocked the music world with its launch, dominating the early 2000s with an iconic player that is still used by 83 million current listeners worldwide.

In the era of streaming platforms, Winamp is now ready to bring a solution to one acute problem in the musical world: fair compensation of artists.

“While streaming platforms have made it easier for artists to reach a wider audience, revenues are pitiful. The streaming revolution that promised so much has left many artists behind. They lack control over how their music is presented and sold,” says Alexandre Saboundjian, Founder and CEO of LLama Group.

The “next generation” Winamp will offer a new, strong response to this need for visibility and fair compensation, all while responding to growing requirements of fans searching for more proximity to artists.

Thus, in the heart of the new Winamp is the Fanzone, a space that will offer artists the chance to take advantage of new recurring revenue sources. Creators will be able to implement subscriptions dedicated directly to their fans, with custom tiers and prices.

Starting March 15th, artists will have one month’s headway to create and set up their profiles and tiers before the platform is opened to listeners and fans on April 15th. Fans will be able to directly support their favorite artists while being rewarded with access to exclusive content in the Winamp Fanzone. This space will be embedded in the new player, which will also provide each user with a unique, fluid experience, while aggregating on a single platform all audio content: music, podcasts, radios, audiobooks... Furthermore, new versions of the Winamp player will be available soon for Android, iOS, web browsers and Windows.

1,000,000 artists and fairness at the core of the new platform’s business model

This way, artists will be able to regain control of their career and benefit, beyond the subscriptions dedicated to their fans, from additional services that will be released before the end of June like digital distribution, copyright management (through Winamp’s sister company Bridger), licensing (for sync and other commercial purposes), as well as an NFT marketplace with specific Winamp Original contracts. Winamp brings the total solution to the modern artist’s need for the monetization and management of their content.

“Our goal with Winamp and the Fanzone is to liberate music through the passion of its biggest fans by fuelling the love dedicated fans have for their favorite artists through exclusive content, experiences and memberships, while empowering artists to bypass industry gatekeepers and create on their own terms,” declared Mathieu Gheysen, General Manager at Winamp.

One of the main principles of the new Winamp is fairness, and in line with this value Winamp offers artists a revenue model that works in their favor. In the Fanzone, creators will receive an 85% share of the revenue generated from their fan subscriptions (exclusive content, copyrights, licences, NFT). The attractiveness of this unparalleled model should make it possible to bring together one million artists.

Alexandre Saboundjian adds: “At its core, Winamp has always stood for creativity and facilitating its distribution. We want to reach one million artists with a fair ecosystem that benefit everyone. Today we are passing a new step.”

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About Llama Group

Llama Group is a leader and pioneer in digital music. With an extensive know-how covering many sectors of its business, the group owns the iconic music platform Winamp, the copyright management company Bridger and the music licensing company Jamendo.

Llama Group aims to build the future of the music industry by continuously investing in the robustness and range of innovative solutions, as well as in the talent and capabilities of music-loving people. The group lives by the values of its companies: empowerment, access, simplicity, and fairness.

At its core, Winamp has always stood for empowerment and the love of music. Winamp envisions a world where artists and fans are connected like never before through a cutting-edge music platform. Bridger’s mission is to support songwriters by offering them an innovative and easy solution for online copyright collection. Jamendo allows additional revenue streams to independent artists through licensing. And finally, Hotmix offers a collection of more than sixty free, themed digital and music radio stations. The Llama Group has a strong international footprint and all of its brands operate globally.

About Winamp

With its epic usability, customization and irreverent attitude, Winamp forever changed how the world listened to music in the 90s. The iconic player continues to be massively popular with a vibrant community of millions of users around the world. In 2023, Winamp is launching its new platform. Integrating its legendary player, Winamp has been remastered into the ultimate music machine empowering not only listeners, but creators and fans too. Liberating music through the passion of its biggest fans, Winamp’s mission is to build a platform that unlocks the relationship between artists and fans everywhere. Find out more at


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Investor Relations
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