Next Gen Business Intelligence Platform Omni Announces Commercial Availability

From the team that brought you Looker – BI powered by a fast and flexible data model.

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Omni Analytics today announced the commercial availability of the Omni business intelligence platform for internal analytics. Founded by executives from Looker and Stitch, Omni is building a world-class BI tool that takes the learnings from the past 20 years in the market and brings together the best aspects of SQL workbook-style querying and visualization with data modeling and governance.

“We have spoken to hundreds of companies since our funding announcement in August and it is clear that there is no one BI solution on the market that meets the needs of a growing company. Data teams are faced with high product cost, lack of product support, and the costly effort of creating and maintaining a governed data model,” said Colin Zima, CEO of Omni and the former Chief Analytics Officer at Looker. “We are building Omni to fill the gap between instant-gratification analytics and the reliability and governance of mature enterprise BI.”

Omni launched into private beta in August 2022, and feedback from these users has been clear: compared to existing BI tools, Omni offers better performance, greater agility with SQL, and manageable cost.

“Having spent the last 10 years building and working with business intelligence tools, I've found that existing products on the market don't provide the flexibility and speed needed to keep up with a growing business. Omni allows us to update our data model at the speed the business is asking questions. No longer do we have a stale data model that is days or weeks behind what our teams need.” - Abby West, Co-founder of Thatch

Omni is the only BI platform that combines the consistency of a shared data model with the freedom of SQL. Unlike other solutions on the market today, Omni evolves the data model as you query and explore. Data analysts are able to incrementally promote metrics and logic from one-off explorations to an official, shared model that the whole organization can use with confidence. This enables the fast paced ad-hoc analysis data teams love, while reducing the onerous effort of building the data model.

“With Omni’s commercial availability, there is now an up and coming product to replace a number of players that are reaching the end of their current product lifecycle,” said Frank Bien, former CEO of Looker. “It is great to see the team at Omni pick-up where other BI tools have left off and take on the challenge to create a product that unites the benefits from fully governed and self-service tools.”

Omni delivers a curated query environment based on a shared data model, a simple point-and-click interface, and automated visualization selection. Users can rapidly ask and answer questions of their data, create new fields on the fly, and drill into detail. Sharing findings is easy with interactive and customizable visualizations and dashboards that load instantly.

“We were able to create our first data model in minutes and have a production dashboard up in an afternoon. With Omni’s agile workbook modeling, we are able to create and promote fields seamlessly as we query without worrying about the future maintenance implications." - Tammy Hepps, Head of Engineering of Storyworth

Omni formed in February 2022 and secured $26.9m in funding with participation by First Round, Redpoint, GV, Box Group, Quiet Capital, Scribble Ventures and more than 100 angel investors. The team is made up of employees from Looker, Google, Stitch, Boomi and other data ecosystem companies.

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Lissa Daniels

Release Summary

Omni Analytics announces the commercial availability of next gen Business Intelligence Platform. From the team that brought you Looker.


Lissa Daniels