Nectar Life Sciences Launches Innovative and Comprehensive Allergy Care Platform: Nectar

  • Nectar Allergy Drops provide life-long relief from allergies by treating the root cause and are a proven, effective alternative to allergy shots and antihistamines
  • At-home allergy testing and customized prescription allergy drops from licensed providers, shipped directly to a user’s home, makes treatment of allergies easier than ever
  • Coming soon, Nectar will launch personally compounded nasal sprays as well as the first brick-and-mortar Nectar Allergy Center

NEW YORK--()--Nectar Life Sciences, an allergy-focused healthcare holding company, today announced the launch of its innovative comprehensive allergy care platform, Nectar. The first product offering from the company’s allergy treatment program, Nectar Allergy Drops, are personalized, industry-proven sublingual immunotherapy drops to provide life-long relief from allergies by treating the root cause.

“More than 120 million people in the U.S. suffer from allergies making it the most prevalent chronic illness facing our nation,” said founding CEO, Ken Chahine, Ph.D., J.D. “Nectar’s mission, starting with our customized sublingual immunotherapy drops, is to put an end to allergies, and in turn, build healthier, more productive communities.”

Custom-formulated to each user, Nectar Allergy Drops provide a proven, effective and convenient alternative to allergy shots and antihistamines for patients who suffer from moderate and severe indoor and outdoor allergies. Starting with a CLIA-certified allergy test and easy-to-understand instructions, users mail a blood spot card back to Nectar and allergy results are available online two to three weeks later. The initial Nectar Allergy Test Kit is $199.

An independent, licensed provider reviews the test results along with the user’s medical history and geographic location. If they qualify, an allergy treatment plan is prescribed and Nectar Allergy Drops are shipped directly to their home. A new supply of Nectar Allergy Drops are automatically shipped to the user every three months. Over time, their body builds tolerance to the allergens and symptoms generally fade away. The Nectar Treatment Kit costs $99 a month, and users can start to feel relief in three to six months and have life-long relief in three to five years.

“Sublingual immunotherapy allergy drops have been used and studied extensively in Europe for more than 30 years but have only recently started to gain popularity in the U.S.,” said Chief Medical Officer, Shyam Joshi, MD. “Nectar’s Allergy Drops are unique from most others in the U.S. market because the allergen concentrations Nectar uses are higher than other allergy drops, which based on scores of clinical studies conducted both in Europe and the U.S. are necessary to achieve clinical benefits and long-term relief.”

Soon, patients will have the opportunity to complement their Nectar immunotherapy treatment and achieve immediate relief with Nectar’s personally compounded nasal sprays. While over-the-counter nasal sprays are one size fits all, Nectar nasal sprays will combine approved over-the-counter and prescription medication into a specifically formulated nasal spray at the concentration that is best for each patient’s symptoms.

Starting in 2023, Nectar will be opening clinics, or Nectar Allergy Centers, in major metro areas across the country as part of its comprehensive care platform. Nectar clinics will build upon the company’s virtual and physical care offerings by enabling the company to treat more complex allergic conditions, including asthma, food allergies and atopic dermatitis. The launch of Nectar Allergy Centers will also help enable Nectar to conduct well-controlled clinical studies that will further demonstrate the safety and efficacy of Nectar’s patent-pending approach, as well as leverage the clinical studies to submit the treatment for reimbursement. Nectar’s novel vertically-integrated platform for allergies will include a compounding pharmacy, lab testing facility, allergist physician network and digital devices to align and deliver an exceptional patient experience.

About Nectar

Nectar is changing how we treat America’s #1 chronic condition with Nectar Allergy Drops. We achieve life-long allergy relief through clinically backed, industry-proven immunotherapy drops and a data-driven, tech-focused, hybrid virtual/physical patient care experience. Nectar’s personalized immunotherapy allergy drops are to be taken sublingually (administered under the tongue), address the root cause of allergies, and are an alternative to inconvenient allergy shots and the temporary relief from antihistamines.

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About Nectar Life Sciences

Nectar Life Sciences, an allergy-focused healthcare holding company, is building a comprehensive, vertically integrated allergy healthcare platform that leverages data and clinical research to offer a personalized, patient-centric approach to allergy care. Led by a team of seasoned healthcare executives and innovators, the company’s mission is to educate allergy sufferers about innovative treatment options, positively transform their treatment experience, and broadly increase access to life-changing allergy treatment.

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