Human Transformation Program 54D Introduces New Training App - 54D Runners

54D Runners is part of the rapidly growing fitness brand’s new 54D Outdoors products

Human Transformation Program 54D Introduces New Training App - 54D Runners. 54D Runners is part of the rapidly growing fitness brand’s new 54D Outdoors products. (Photo: Business Wire)

MIAMI--()--Global fitness brand 54D has changed hundreds of thousands of lives around the world through its signature high intensity training program available both on-site and online. Now, 54D is pleased to announce the continued evolution of the brand with the launch of its newest division, 54D Outdoors, which will feature a range of products for outdoor trainings, starting with 54D Runners. The new running app is designed for anyone interested in running, from beginners who don’t know where to start to advance runners training for a race. 54D Runners will go on sale starting January 30 and can be purchased online for $135.

The new 9-week running program was designed to take participants to the next level. Runners can select from different training programs at their preferred skill level, including:

  • 5K Training – Available in beginners, medium and advanced
  • 10K Training – Available in medium and advanced
  • 21K Training – Available in advanced

The 54D Runners program includes trainings six days per week, Monday through Saturday. Training will consist of running four days per week and strength training two days per week. The program also incorporates nutritional guidelines, recovery exercises and stretches and access to the 54D community.

“At the end of the day, running is the easiest, most attainable sport out there,” said Rodrigo Garduño, Founder and Creator of 54D. “All you need is a pair of sneakers, yet a lot of people are intimidated by it or don’t know where to start. We wanted to create a program that will help beginners take that first step as well as assist more experienced runners in their more advanced training.”

54D already maintains an active in-person running community who participate in races and marathons as part of the 54D team around the world. 54D Runners will feature special editions throughout the year with trainings tailored specifically to different races and marathons around the world.

“As we introduce our new 54D Outdoors division, 54D Runners seems like the natural first step to launch this new selection of products,” said Omar Yunes, CEO of 54D. “Like with our signature program, 54D Runners’ goal is to create a global community and help each participant achieve their goals regardless of their skill level.”

54D has received global acclaim after founder and former professional soccer player Rodrigo Garduño took to Instagram amid pandemic lockdowns and motivated hundreds of thousands of people around the world to stay positive and healthy. The brand has studios in South Florida, New York, Mexico and Colombia, with more locations in the works, and has a presence in over 90 countries with its online program 54D ON.

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About 54D:

54D is a global fitness brand dedicated to human transformation with a mission to defeat all physical, mental and emotional limits. 54D offers an in-person and online program consisting of 9 weeks of intensive training, nutrition and recovery. Guided by experts, the 54D program guarantees visible and measurable results in 54 days by providing the tools that lead to a healthy lifestyle.

The 54D global community continues to grow around the world with physical facilities in the United States, Mexico and Colombia. The brand also has a presence in 90 countries through its 54D ON online program. 54D is helping people around the world develop the discipline and perseverance needed to be the best version of themselves and live up to their fullest potential. To learn more visit


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