Arbtrust Venture: From Commodities to Digital Assets Arbitrage – the Disruptive Quant Fund That Set Foot in Miami

MIAMI--()--Back in the 40s, they were performing arbitrage with commodities and selling soy at the New York Stock Exchange; today, the strategy is the same, but the assets are digital, and the background operations are incredibly fast.

Just last month, Arbtrust inaugurated their new office in Miami at one of the most prestigious buildings in the city – the Southeast Financial Center - in a grand opening event that brought together business owners, private investors, family office managers, and the company’s directors from overseas operations. Arbtrust Venture, an innovative high-tech quant fund continues to expand its global operations as it celebrates the third year of operations in the U.S.

Arbtrust delivers a unique approach to the alternative investment industry: an impressive two-day liquidity and no lock-up. “Our operations are based on pure arbitrage; this means the transactions are immediate and simultaneously executed – we are not buying assets now to sell them later. This allows us such high liquidity,” says Eduardo Sbaraini, the president of the group of companies based in South America. Mr. Sbaraini and his family have developed a tremendous reach in the agribusiness industry in nearly 100 years of history. It was his great-grandfather, he says, that used to perform commodity arbitrage back in the 40s. “The strategy remains the same, but we needed to adapt to the technology and the digital assets industry,” Mr. Sbaraini says.

With sister companies in the banking, software development, financial, and agriculture industries, the group of companies is now directing their focus to the US market. As the financial markets continue to reach historic lows and the US economy registers some of the highest inflation rates in American history, Arbtrust shows a performance of over 28% net annual returns in 2021 and 27% in 2022. The same fund has been running in South America since 2018, where they have managed to keep the same performance over the past years. “There is so much work behind the scenes. When we show our system and algorithms live, people normally think it is so simple because the whole operation runs smoothly, and it’s pleasant to see it in action. Still, we have over 40 people working with the continuous software development, APIs, and systems update,” says Mr. Douglas Brunet, managing director for the group’s operations in Brazil.

With a unique approach to the investment industry, Arbtrust’s goal is to offer the company’s cutting-edge technology also to its clients. “We have a customer-centered strategy; the client has full autonomy. In the user dashboard, they can watch our daily performance and the monthly return, request withdrawals, and choose whether to reinvest their monthly returns directly from their phone. The client is free to do what they want whenever they want,” explains Gabriel Storck, director of international operations. Being at the heart of the city that appears to be the new financial center of the United States, Arbtrust now has a whole year to expand its operations from its brand-new office based right at the heart of Miami.

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From commodities to digital assets arbitrage – the disruptive quant fund that set foot in Miami.