Viridi Parente Selects Bright Machines to Digitally Transform Manufacturing Facility to Meet U.S. Electric Battery Demand

Bright Machines’ intelligent automation solution will enhance Viridi facilities to scale flexible and sustainable production of electric storage battery systems

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Bright Machines, an innovator in intelligent, software-defined manufacturing, and Viridi Parente, Inc. (Viridi), a leader in developing safe, resilient, point-of-use battery storage technology, today announced that Viridi has selected Bright Machines to digitally transform the company's U.S. electric battery manufacturing facility. Bright Machines Microfactories, the company's full-stack assembly automation solution, modernizes manufacturing by leveraging data and AI, providing Viridi with new capabilities to meet the increasing demands for its zero-carbon emission energy battery solutions.

Viridi manufactures battery energy storage systems on a 42-acre campus in Buffalo, New York. Its efforts have and will continue to lead to significant job creation in the historically disadvantaged East Buffalo community where its facility is situated. In addition to its considerable capital investment in its facilities and technology, Viridi is positioned for greater growth as an employer of choice, helping to drive the revitalization of Buffalo. Viridi is the sponsoring employer of the GreenForce, a community-based nonprofit organization that recruits unemployed and underemployed candidates and provides them with the necessary training and support to obtain, and maintain, advanced manufacturing positions. Bright Machines will be integral in assembling Viridi's stationary lithium-ion battery pack system modules, designed and tested to be fail-safe for installation in commercial, industrial, and residential spaces. Companies like Viridi and Bright Machines are the driving forces behind the U.S. regaining its status as a global manufacturing leader.

Bright Machines will help Viridi automate the assembly of its clean, sustainable power sources, replacing century-old, distributed energy platforms, such as fossil fuel, lead-acid batteries, and other outdated technologies. Viridi will also introduce greater sustainability practices using Bright Machines' intelligent automation solution, which assesses production areas to identify the best material needs to reduce defect rates. Additionally, because its facility is close to the end consumer, Viridi will be able to reduce overproduction and instead produce-to-order based on local market demand. The result is less landfill and an overall reduction in Viridi's carbon footprint.

"Viridi is dedicated to creating the next generation of energy systems, serving the accelerating demand for non-fossil fuel-dependent equipment," said Jon M. Williams, CEO of Viridi. "Sustainable production has never been more important for our customers or us; Bright Machines will make hitting our assembly and environmental goals possible at scale, while helping support our efforts to manufacture products responsibly."

Localizing the production of critical battery components is the only way to drive down costs, emissions, and geopolitical risks while meeting U.S. battery and electrification demand. Bright Machines' intelligent assembly automation supports rapid product evolution in a cost-efficient manner, while shortening time to market. The shift towards closer-to-home production creates U.S.-based jobs and helps companies advance sustainability efforts with local and regional supply chains.

"We're excited to collaborate with a disruptive energy company like Viridi, which is committed to driving efficient, sustainable production for their products," said Gayle Sheppard, co-CEO of Bright Machines. "Bright Machines is helping transform one of the world's largest industries by enabling manufacturers like Viridi to localize operations, which is both economically and environmentally advantageous. Enabling the transformation of how and where people make products is core to our mission. We're proud to partner with Viridi to help achieve its production goals in the U.S. and deliver on its promises to customers."

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About Viridi Parente

Viridi Parente, Inc. (Viridi) is a point-of-use lithium-ion battery technology company based in Buffalo, New York, that is reimagining energy storage. Viridi’s innovative, fail-safe battery technology, developed from materials used for aerospace and military applications, is the only design in the market that can be safely installed and operated in nearly any environment or location, bringing fail-safe battery storage technology into applications that have historically been dominated by fossil fuel and lead-acid systems.

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