Introducing the Scenario GenAI Engine: Style-Consistent Game Art, Defined by Developers and Artists, Enabled by AI

Founders of Twitch and Oculus, alongside Play Ventures and more back GenAI to provide bleeding-edge tools for developers without sacrificing creativity, consistency, or control

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Today, Scenario Inc. opened its early access program to more than 20,000 video game artists and developers, giving them the power to amplify their own creative style and talent with Generative AI. With Scenario, game artists can use their portfolio to create personalized art generators, and automatically create thousands of new brand-new art and graphics assets in their own personal style. While generic AI tools can dilute the voice of the individual artist, Scenario keeps the artist in the driver’s seat, retaining full creative control of the assets that Scenario creates in their artistic style.

In conjunction with the early access release, Scenario simultaneously announced more than $6 million in seed investment from Play Ventures, Anorak Ventures, The Venture Reality Fund, Founders Inc. and Heracles Capital, as well as gaming luminaries including Oculus co-founder/CEO Brendan Iribe, Twitch founder Justin Kan, and former Blizzard executive Hamilton Chu, among others.

“Digital artists must remain in control of how their art is used in AI products, working alongside AI and not in competition with it,” said Emmanuel de Maistre, co-founder and CEO of Scenario. “Generative AI will be as transformational for game development as Photoshop has been for digital photography, but it cannot get there without the same commitment to stylistic consistency, ease of use, and the rights of the individual artist.”

The Scenario GenAI Engine produces custom generators specifically trained by the owners of art, IP, and content. Other tools are often generic, with few or no customization capabilities, and require complex prompting to reach specific visual features, let alone maintain that specific art direction across iteration cycles. In contrast, Scenario enables the creation of custom generators trained by the game developer or game artist to match only the style of their own images. Once they upload a set of visuals that define the characters, items, environments, or other assets for a given game or project, the GenAI Engine quickly learns and adapts to their defined graphic style. From that point forward, the artist can then use Scenario to generate limitless assets with simple word-based prompts.

Scenario is the only GenAI platform available that:

  1. Enables the user to create one or hundreds of custom generators: an AI model defined and controlled by the user for their own style
  2. Generates style-consistent results, tailored to users’ art directions.
  3. Is available anytime, anywhere, via web browser, mobile app, or API
  4. Generates high-quality content, quickly and more intuitively.
  5. Mitigates IP and compliance risk, by using the user’s own data.

The resulting proprietary generator allows the game developer or game artist to rapidly deliver high-quality assets in-line to their team or client, or test new game concepts with more efficient prompting. The artist can even choose to make their proprietary GenAI available to other team members or departments so they can produce style-consistent assets for other critical functions, such as game marketing, using text prompts.

“GenAI is so new and powerful that a lot of artists view it as a threat when, really, it is only a threat to those who do not figure out how to work with it and make it work for them,” says Wil Stephens, Fusebox Games CEO. “The Scenario Engine is exactly what we need - something we can build, control, and leverage to make our lives easier, or provide to others as a service. The GenAI genie is out of the bottle; Scenario is the only AI company making it grant wishes.”

The round of seed funding also announced today is led by Play Ventures and includes participation from top executives working on AI and digital art from Riot, and Blizzard, to Hugging Face and Meta.

“GenAI has huge potential to open up possibilities to enhance creative superpowers and positively impact gaming and creative mediums,” says Harri Manninen, Founding Partner at Play Ventures. “Scenario is much more than a proof-of-concept or experiment – it is pioneering a way that makes this technology valuable for game artists, indie developers, and large studios through a platform that enables the production of work that is both creative and consistent.”

The Scenario GenAI Engine can be accessed via web, mobile app, or API. To learn more visit

About Scenario

Scenario is the first Generative AI company founded to give game developers and digital artists a GenAI that is efficient, consistent, and artist-defined. The Scenario GenAI Engine dramatically reduces the time to develop digital art assets, enhancing the productivity of artists and the teams that rely on their work. Artists using Scenario create their own proprietary GenAI tool that can instantly produce assets visually consistent with their art style. This tool can then be shared by the artist with team members or sold as a service to clients. The company is based in San Francisco, California. Scenario is backed by Play Ventures, Anorak Ventures, The Venture Reality Fund, Founders Inc and Heracles Capital, alongside leaders and entrepreneurs across gaming, AI and web3 including founders of Oculus, Twitch, Hugging Face, Sandbox and others.


Kevin Brown - Be Good PR


Kevin Brown - Be Good PR