Kantola Leans Deeply Into One of the Most Effective Learning Methods: Storytelling

Latest harassment prevention training features new real-life stories reflecting today’s ever-evolving workplace

MILL VALLEY, Calif.--()--Kantola Training Solutions, an eLearning industry leader trusted by over 15,000 organizations, in partnership with Littler, the largest employment law firm in the world, just launched its next-generation Harassment Prevention training— with new first-person interviews and real-life scenarios that represent an ever-evolving workplace.

In the years since the #Metoo movement first made its mark, the regulatory landscape and how we prioritize preventing harassment in the workplace have forever changed. In that time, many companies have tried to create awareness and bring about change, including using harassment prevention training. But that training does not always work.

In fact, research shows that some training can actually backfire, unintentionally making the problem worse. This is especially true when training puts people on the defensive or does not deal with potentially triggering situations in a sensitive way. And it’s that much worse when training takes the form of unengaging slide-based content, cheaply produced videos, cringey dialogue and unrealistic scenarios.

Companies can avoid this—but it does mean rethinking their commitment to harassment prevention and taking employee training to the next level. Helping organizations get beyond this impasse is why Kantola has leaned deeply into one of the most effective learning methods for preventing harassment: authentic, well-produced storytelling. And this approach has paid off: 97% of Kantola’s learners report being better able to identify and address harassment in the workplace.

We know that real-life stories are what move people's hearts and minds, not facts and figures. This is particularly true with sensitive topics, like harassment and discrimination in the workplace. That’s why we at Kantola are focused on effective training methods, like storytelling, that can help bring about lasting change.

Sarah Rowell, CEO, Kantola

How nuanced and relatable personal stories help prevent harassment

According to a recent study from a team at Princeton University, as you hear a story unfold, your brain waves actually start to synchronize with those of the storyteller—enabling the listener to envision life from a new and different perspective. And in doing so, this evokes empathy and understanding. And when they are integrated into harassment prevention training, real-life stories have the power to bring about transformative change by:

  1. Engaging — Individuals talk about their experiences—captivating the attention of learners in a way that goes beyond descriptions of blatant harassment, helping listeners to better interpret complex and nuanced situations.
  2. Evoking empathy — Listening to stories through candid first-person interviews creates a bond with the storyteller, evoking a deeper level of empathy and understanding.
  3. Supporting memory retention — Authentic stories are memorable, enabling employees to retain new knowledge, ideas and ways of thinking—research shows that average memory retention from storytelling is at 93%.
  4. Making learning easy— The impact that some behaviors have on coworkers becomes more relatable and easier to understand when conveyed through real-life stories.
  5. Prompting reflection — Stories told through actual, unscripted accounts create a uniquely authentic learning experience. Even the most skeptical learner will pause to reflect.
  6. Opening the door to new perspectives — A wide range of situations with a variety of people helps learners to appreciate new perspectives and understand how a safe and respectful workplace—or the lack of it—can feel to others.

Annual updates to courses keep stories fresh and new

While storytelling is one of the most effective learning methods, there is an important caveat to keep in mind. Any story will get old and tired if it’s told repeatedly. That’s why Kantola, unlike most other training providers, offers updated and fully-compliant courses on an annual basis—adding documentary-style first-person interviews, main scripted stories, and ensuring that all scenes reflect an ever-evolving workplace.

In our search for harassment prevention training, what set Kantola apart was the strong video-based content, which we felt was critical for engaging our employees. The scenes and stories in Kantola's courses are nuanced, modern and relatable. That made the biggest difference for us.

— Lindsey Ellsworth, Director of Learning & Development, World Insurance Associates LLC

For a full-length preview of Kantola’s 100% compliant, next-generation Harassment Prevention training, also available in industry-specific versions, visit kantola.com.

About Kantola

Kantola is an innovative eLearning company focused on diversity, equity, inclusion and harassment prevention. We are committed to helping organizations make their workplaces better for everyone—through world-class training solutions that change perspectives, achieve compliance, and elevate culture. Kantola’s cinematic quality productions breathe life into complex ideas, delivering nuanced, relatable, interactive training through authentic scenarios that engage, inform, and enlighten. Trusted by over 15,000 organizations, Kantola has achieved a "World Class" Net Promoter Score of 73, demonstrating unrivaled, enduring customer satisfaction.

Exceeding all industry standards, Kantola’s training results are unmatched: 97% of learners better identify and deal with issues after training, learners rate courses a 9.2 out of 10, and a 99% learner completion rate with industry-leading software enables organizations to achieve full compliance with effortless implementation. Kantola’s prominence is further underscored through its partnerships with leading organizations such as Littler, the world's largest employment law firm, and SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management), the nation’s largest HR professional society.

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Rachael Dowd
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