Scotsman Guide Transitions From ‘Hard Money’ Terminology to ‘Private Money’


The private lending industry is embracing a shift to modernized language.

BOTHELL, Wash.--()--Scotsman Guide, the leading provider of financial technology tools and industry news for mortgage originators, has announced that “hard money” will now be referred to as “private money” throughout its catalog of products.

In keeping with the evolving language of commercial and residential mortgages, and in support of the private lending industry, Scotsman Guide will shift its verbiage effective immediately in its print magazines, online news and digital tools, including its industry-renowned Lender Search marketplace.

The change isn’t one we take lightly, as “hard money” has been used for decades to describe products that offer bridge financing, fix and flip loans, faster closings, shorter loan terms and other inherent advantages that private lending offers. Lately, however, the moniker has undergone scrutiny from within the sector itself. Many have criticized the expression for evoking unwarranted associations with high interest rates and unfavorable loan conditions.

Such concerns were reflected in a recent meeting of the National Private Lenders Association (NPLA), which unanimously adopted a resolution ceasing the use of “hard money” nomenclature.

In recent years, the institutionalization of the “hard money” industry has been driven by many factors, including efficient access to funding through capital market and new underwriting standards. Additionally, private lenders have become more modern and professional, with predictable lending products that provide borrowers with an array of financing options.

“Commercial mortgage is currently undergoing so much change, and one of the biggest paradigm shifts has been within hard money,” said Todd Belmond, principal/VP marketing for Scotsman Guide. “That includes the name ‘hard money’ itself. While some still support it as an important brand over the years, a larger portion feels that it’s time to drop the term and embrace a more professional tone.”

“The private money sphere is a sophisticated sector that fills a vital need within the mortgage world,” Belmond added. “Because of that, Scotsman Guide recognizes its move to new terminology, and we’re excited to see the bright future it leads to for the industry.”

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