Laudio Releases New Patient Rounding and Auditing Capabilities for Health System Leaders

Frontline Leaders Reduce Likelihood of Turnover by 30+% with Laudio

BOSTON--()--Laudio, the leadership operations solution for healthcare, announces the release of new patient rounding and auditing capabilities to address patient experience plus quality and safety needs for its leading health system clients. The platform will streamline and standardize best practices for frontline leaders, making crucial data available in real-time and accessible from a single source of truth.

“We launched Laudio a few years ago focused heavily on workflow and automation needed to specifically support healthcare leaders trying to achieve their people and operations goals, like recognition and retention,” said CJ Floros, Laudio’s Chief Operations Officer (COO). “We're proud of the success we've had there, but it's clear we need to continue our mission to ease the leadership burden by supporting these other key pillars.”

With this release, Laudio rolled out two digitized and automated best practices for hospital systems to reduce manual work and increase speed to impact.

  • Laudio's upgraded approach to patient rounding (an evidence-based best practice used to assess overall patient experience) can enable better collaboration across leadership teams and real-time response to patient feedback and communication. Earlier this year, an award-winning 640-bed hospital piloted Laudio's new capability and recorded 500 rounds in 3 months, with one person doing 250 in just 9 weeks. In that time, the team increased their Laudio patient experience score from 78% to 90%.
  • The platform's rollout of auditing (an evidence-based best practice performed to ensure organizations are in compliance with system policies and procedures) can enable leaders to identify audit trends more quickly, provide real-time audit results to their teams, and access all audit records in one place. In its first six months of piloting with 7 current client partners, there were 2700+ audits added with more than 40 different types represented.

Launched in 2018, Laudio serves more than 14 leading health systems across the U.S. and U.K. and is on track to support more than 250,000 clinical and non-clinical employees in 2023. Designed specifically for health system leaders and teams, Laudio has made significant impact with clients in addressing people and operations challenges. Today, RNs who have at least one meaningful interaction every month with their frontline leader can have 36% lower average turnover rates. Additionally, turnover can reduce by 46% when a manager uses Laudio to make 1 one-to-one meaningful interaction per non-clinical team member, per month. High-performing frontline leaders from the previously mentioned client decreased turnover leading to a conservative $1.5 million savings in 9 months.

To access Laudio's recent on-demand webinar on 2022 industry learnings and trends, visit: Laudio Spotlight - A Look back at 2022: Top 5 Lessons Learned

About Laudio

Recognized as a 2022 Top 20 KLAS Emerging Solution, Laudio is here to empower and connect leaders in healthcare to drive outcomes that matter. With its leader operations solution, Laudio automates repetitive work and serves up daily recommendations and best practices that help frontline leaders gain better visibility into their teams, find opportunities for meaningful connection, and discover clearer paths to achieving their goals across four key operating pillars in healthcare, including people, operations, quality + safety and patient experience. Soon, every leader will be able to achieve what seems impossible today, and that is the vision that drives us.


Ashleigh LaPorta