20/20 Onsite Shines a Spotlight on Another One-of-a-kind Delivery Model for Clinical Trials: Mobile Vision Pods

BOSTON--()--20/20 Onsite, a Boston-based mobile optometry company, has expanded its clinical research program with a one-of-a-kind delivery model to make clinical trials even more accessible for patients across the country. The model, called Mobile Vision Pods (MVP), utilizes a modular structure, making it an ideal solution for clinical researchers who need a temporary but full-service site to accommodate intense patient visit schedules.

The customizable nature of the pods makes it easy for 20/20 Onsite to control the entire floor plan design — even the doors and windows — according to the needs and specifications of each clinical trial. This model differs from the company’s two other innovative delivery methods which include Mobile Vision Clinics (MVC), 40-foot commercial vehicles that travel the country bringing clinical vision assessments directly to patients of all ages, and Mobile Clinical Suites (MCS), temporary assessment areas that are set up inside clinics where parking may not be available for the MVCs.

“The MVP is the natural midway point between us coming inside in the Mobile Clinical Suite, and us being outside in the Mobile Vision Clinic,'' says Vice President of Life Sciences Jess Mays. “These pods have the look and feel of a brick-and-mortar clinic, while still having the mobility and flexibility of our MVC. It’s the perfect solution for someone who needs more space and specific equipment and expertise for a medium- to long-term project.”

This model is an ideal solution for clinical trials with a duration of at least three months or with a need to assess a large number of patients in a short window. Depending on the nature of the trial, 20/20 Onsite can configure the MVPs with multiple exam lanes and a waiting room in order to assess more patients at a time.

The addition of the adaptive Mobile Vision Pods to its fleet is another way that 20/20 Onsite continues to push the boundaries of innovation while making vision care more accessible to patients across the country. “This delivery method allows us to expand the footprint of a clinic or doctor's office in a unique and fully customizable way,” says Senior Manager of Clinic Operations Adam Merola. “We, as a company, are continuing to focus on innovative ways to make our services more accessible and convenient while upholding our standards of a world-class experience from end-to-end.”

About 20/20 Onsite:

Founded in 2014, 20/20 Onsite’s Mobile Vision Clinics and world-class eye care team have provided vision care to over 75,000 patients in their workplaces, schools, and neighborhoods. In May 2020, services expanded to support BioPharma companies, CROs, and clinical sites, bringing high-tech mobile clinics directly to patients and providing vital access to clinical trial assessments and tests. Named one of Inc. Magazine’s Fastest-Growing Companies in 2018, 20/20 Onsite disrupts old-fashioned eye care delivery and empowers the Life Sciences research field.

For more information, visit 2020onsite.com or to learn more about 20/20 Onsite’s clinical trials capabilities, please visit 2020onsite.com/hybrid-trial-solutions or email lifesciences@2020onsite.com.


Jessica Mays, VP of Life Sciences, lifesciences@2020onsite.com

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20/20 Onsite has expanded its clinical research program with a one-of-a-kind delivery model to increase patient access to trials.

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Jessica Mays, VP of Life Sciences, lifesciences@2020onsite.com