ADDING MULTIMEDIA Noteworthy Drives Cryptonotes into the Mainstream with New 5 Millibit Bitcoin Banknote

The new cryptonote is on sale now, with shipment expected later this year

5mBTC Note (Photo: Business Wire)

ZUG, Switzerland--()--Noteworthy, the premier designer of physical cryptonotes, announced the sale of its new 5 millibit (mBTC) note, the first small-denomination, fully fungible bitcoin cryptonote. This new bill, which equates to 0.005 BTC (approximately $85 based on today’s prices) makes buying crypto simple for people of all ages and backgrounds through its familiar cash format. Following the successful unveiling of its 1BTC note at CoinDesk’s Consensus in June 2022, this smaller denomination lowers the barrier to entry, helping to increase access and drive adoption of digital assets.

Noteworthy combines the utility of paper money with the security benefits of digital assets and blockchain technology. Cryptonotes are produced with the most advanced secure printing features used by the world’s largest central banks today, including intaglio and ultraviolet security printing and 8000 DPI resolution. Users can instantly validate their cryptonote by scanning the QR code, which is associated with a public wallet address for each loaded cryptonote. These advanced features create a formidable security architecture, ensuring that all cryptonotes with an intact hologram (which secures the private key) can be trusted as fungible money in exchange for goods and services in the physical world.

“Digital currencies, issued and maintained using blockchain and distributed digital ledgers, have the potential to change how people and organizations transact value, eliminating the need for costly payment intermediaries, providing greater price stability, and diminishing counterparty risk,” said Noteworthy Co-Founder Peter Vessenes. “A physical bitcoin note can democratize access to financial systems, and is a great option for ‘unbanked’ populations in developing or remote regions to have the means to buy, sell, save, and invest more easily than before.”

Since it was founded in 2020, Noteworthy has recruited the banknote industry’s leading designers, suppliers, and manufacturers to create the world’s most advanced, well-designed, and counterfeit-resistant physical currency. Notable team members include Manuela Pfrunder, the designer of the ninth series Swiss Franc and 2016 IBNS Banknote of the Year winner and Edmund Moy, the 38th Director of the United States Mint.

“Physical currency is worth more than just its value. It forms a certain emotional connection between itself and its beholder,” said Larry Felix, Co-Founder of Noteworthy and former Director of the US Department of the Treasury’s Bureau of Engraving and Printing. “Noteworthy cryptonotes are designed to evoke that same feeling, while providing top-of-the-line security in a comfortable, familiar format.”

The 5mBTC cryptonote features a hand-engraved portrait of legendary Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises. Von Mises was selected in honor of his strident belief that autonomous money chosen freely by the people was fundamental to the cause of freedom, a vital protection of the people against the encroachment of totalitarian governments.

“Ludwig von Mises's powerful human-oriented approach to economics, combined with his insight that governments are inefficient capital allocators, remains as relevant – and necessary – as when he wrote them decades ago,” said Vessenes.

“As the line between national and global economies becomes more and more blurred, people will want a currency that fits financial fluidity – but buying cryptocurrency is really hard for most people. Paper money is a very old, very familiar technology that happens to work very well. Noteworthy is the printer for this new era of post-national currency, starting with the 1BTC and 5mBTC cryptonotes.”

Noteworthy’s 5mBTC cryptonote is available for sale in a limited quantity. Beginning in 2023, Noteworthy will expand its partnerships to incorporate additional blockchains to develop and manufacture bespoke cryptonotes. Visit to get your own note or for more information.

About Noteworthy

Co-Founded in 2020 by cryptocurrency pioneer Peter Vessenes and the former Director of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing under the U.S. Treasury Larry Felix, Noteworthy is the premiere designer of physical bitcoin banknotes, called cryptonotes. Cryptonotes are masterfully designed, high-tech paper notes that can be held in both a physical wallet and a digital wallet simultaneously, combining the utility of paper currency and the security of blockchain technology. Noteworthy currently offers two denominations, a 1BTC cryptonote and its new 5mBTC cryptonote, which lowers the barrier to entry to the world of digital assets. For more information, visit


KC Maas


KC Maas