Coppola-backed Decentralized Pictures Partners with Kevin Smith on SMODCastle Film Festival and DCP Film Financing Award

Smith and Decentralized Pictures collaborate to use blockchain technology to provide opportunities to aspiring talent through the SMODCastle Film Festival and the DCP Film Financing Application

As a pioneer in independent and low-budget films, Kevin Smith embodies the success stories Decentralized Pictures aims to see arise from its platform and awards process. (Photo: Business Wire)

LOS ANGELES--()--Decentralized Pictures Foundation (DCP) and acclaimed filmmaker Kevin Smith have announced a partnership on initiatives to support aspiring filmmakers.

DCP will sponsor SMODCastle, the film festival founded by Smith and friends and hosted by Smith and festival director Ernie O’Donnell. Held a mere hundred steps from the Quick Stop Groceries in Leonardo, NJ where O’Donnell starred in and Smith shot his debut feature CLERKS (1994), the festival has expanded from its original single screen to include the nearby five-screen Atlantic Movie House due to a high volume of submissions. The festival is a week-long event filled with features, short films, animation, and documentaries.

As part of the collaboration this year’s festival will include a ‘Hollywood on the Blockchain’ panel presented by Decentralized Pictures and moderated by Smith, featuring entertainment, technology, and Web3 industry experts covering topics such as blockchain, NFTs, and the future of film.

The SMODCastle Film Festival will get a cash grant from DCP of $10,000 USD in FILMCredits and FILMCrew NFTs to distribute amongst the participants of the festival. The FILMCredit is DCP’s native cryptocurrency which can be used on its platform, and the FILMCrew NFT can be used to access various DCP events and meetups and DCP’s network of film industry partners including agencies, management and production companies, distributors, and established filmmakers.

DCP and Smith are also announcing the Kevin Smith Financing Award on the DCP platform. Kevin Smith’s collaboration with DCP will offer mentoring and guidance along with a $40,000 USD Financing Award for a short comedic film to act as a launch pad to create a feature or television series. Following the community feedback and voting process on the DCP platform, Smith will personally review top finalists and act as a guest judge to select a winner. In addition to the financing, the winner will also be introduced to members of the DCP film industry network.

DCP co-Founder and American Zoetrope VP of Production, Michael Musante said, “Our hope is that this short film award becomes a stepping stone for a talented filmmaker’s career in the film industry. We’re excited to see what our community submits and selects.”

DCP was founded by Roman Coppola, Leo Matchett, Michael Musante, with the nonprofit mission of identifying and supporting independent filmmakers through film-financing awards, introductions to top film companies, talent representatives, and other production support, as well as guidance and mentorship.

Filmmakers can use FILMCredits to submit film proposals on the platform for review by the DCP community. These community members are rewarded for their thoughtful and constructive feedback with FILMCredits. The community votes on the projects that it would like to see produced, determining winners for financing awards and other production and career support.

“After years of hard work, we’re thrilled to open our doors to the community and invite aspiring filmmakers around the world to submit their projects for a chance to bring their visions to life,” said Roman Coppola, co-founder of DCP. “Our partnership with Kevin Smith – an extraordinary filmmaker known for his singular vision as well as his involvement in the NFT space – is the perfect way to support filmmakers with our financing awards program.”

Known for cult classics such as “Clerks,” “Mallrats”, and “Chasing Amy,” Smith began his career as an independent filmmaker, and has experienced the struggle aspiring talent faces in funding their projects firsthand. As a pioneer in independent and low-budget films, Smith embodies the success stories DCP aims to see arise from its platform and awards process.

Smith’s collaboration with DCP further demonstrates that major players in Hollywood are deeply aware of the challenges independent filmmakers face when trying to get a foot in the door, and are taking action to change the status quo.

“I’m elated that Roman and DCP are joining us at the SMODCastle Film Festival for our inaugural adventure! The cash grant prizes and blockchain assistance they bring to the table would be a boon for any filmmaker, let alone budding artists just now attempting to navigate the ever-evolving ocean of indie film,” said Kevin Smith.

DCP is working to make Hollywood more accessible to exceptional talent while simultaneously bringing fresh content chosen by the community to screens. This announcement comes off the heels of DCP’s recent collaboration with Steven Soderbergh, whose production company has donated $300,000 USD for completion funds for three or more filmmakers. DCP just completed the first of these three awards rounds for $100,000 USD each on its platform. The second of these three awards is scheduled to be launched before the end of the year.

Anyone can sign up, submit, and review proposals for the Kevin Smith, Steven Soderbergh or other awards on the DCP platform at

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Kevin Smith and Decentralized Pictures announce collaborative partnership to use blockchain technology to provide opportunities to aspiring filmmakers


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