Weaveworks’ GitOps Project – Flux – Graduates in the Cloud Native Computing Foundation

The CNCF endorses GitOps tool - Flux - for security, reliability, and longevity, helping enterprises save money and increase productivity.

LONDON & SAN FRANCISCO--()--Weaveworks, the GitOps company, today announced that Flux, the original GitOps project has graduated in the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF®). Graduation is the highest level of maturity in the CNCF, which means the project underwent scrutiny and testing for security, longevity, and governance. Weaveworks donated Flux to the CNCF and has built Weave GitOps, their fullstack GitOps platform, on top of Flux. Weave GitOps provides enterprise customers with further benefits including Trusted Delivery, Automated DevSecOps through Policy as Code, Cluster Fleet Management and Progressive Delivery. Companies of all sizes need to deliver more while reducing CapEX and OpEX costs, and GitOps is essential for reducing spend, increasing velocity, and minimizing downtime.

“Weave GitOps with Flux at its core lets us help customers across the spectrum from developers getting started through to large scale enterprises. Our involvement in the CNCF, plus our commitment to empower application and platform teams to securely automate operations, is the driving force for further GitOps innovation." Alexis Richardson, CEO, Weaveworks

"At Ortec for communications, Flux has been an essential part of our DevOps journey and the ability to do more with less. Together with Kubernetes ecosystem tools, Flux is an essential part of providing our teams with end-to-end ownership, autonomy, and an evolved lifecycle. All of these offerings through Flux's capabilities such as automation, security, and scalability make DevOps a reality. We congratulate the Flux project for this major milestone!" Mathijs Hoogland, Senior DevOps Engineer, Ortec

Weaveworks, the company that created Flux and Weave GitOps, and that coined the term, “GitOps,” provides capabilities such as:

  • Multi-tenancy, multi-cluster, and multi-cloud
  • Native support for Kustomize, Helm, and HashiCorp Vault
  • Scalability
  • Enterprise-grade security with automated DevSecOps
  • Policy as Code
  • Cluster Fleet Management
  • Progressive Delivery

Open source Flux, and Weave GitOps built on top, provide GitOps to enterprises, providers, financial institutions, federal departments, and SMBs. GitOps is an approach that, with technologies like Flux and Weave GitOps, provides extensive automation to CI/CD, security and audit trails, and reliability through canary deployments and rollback capabilities. Volvo, SAP, and RingCentral use Flux and enterprise companies like them have increased velocity, productivity, and innovation because GitOps helps to lower manual work, deployment failures, and scaling challenges.

“As enterprise users of both Flux and Flagger, we have reaped the benefits of how Flux makes Kubernetes easier to use for platform teams, and how Flux and Flagger make GitOps safer to adopt for developers." Ivan Anisimov, Director of Engineering, RingCentral

Cost-Savings, Reliability, and Security

Weaveworks customers using Flux and Weave GitOps include telcos that manage complexity from legacy and new infrastructure, acquisitions, expanded products, and global reach. Weaveworks’ offerings have helped them to speed up migrations to new technologies, consolidate tools, and reliably manage resources across continents. These types of companies, as well as financial institutions, government departments, and providers that use Flux and Weave GitOps can do so while meeting requirements set by regulations, compliance officers, external auditors, and security teams because of Flux’s security-first design. Both Flux and Weave GitOps are at the forefront of movements such as Open Container Initiative (OCI) and Cosign, with which customers can already apply added security and validation to their deployments. Weaveworks is vigilant of the security challenges that have moved into CI/CD, so its products already provide these capabilities today so that customers can minimize business interruptions from security breaches.

“It is great to see how the Flux community took very seriously the Software supply chain attacks by adding OCI support and verification of authenticity thanks to sigstore.” Philippe Ensarguet, CTO, Orange Business Services

Built for Extensibility and a Growing Ecosystem

Flux was built for other companies and projects to contribute add-on capabilities. Weaveworks built Weave GitOps on Flux as a first-class extension to provide capabilities such as hybrid and multi-cloud management, Progressive Delivery, and Policy as Code with a UI and enterprise support. Similarly, providers such as Microsoft, AWS, D2iQ, VMware, and Red Hat have testified how they trust Flux to deliver GitOps to their own customers.

"D2iQ chose Flux to add GitOps to the D2iQ Kubernetes Platform (DKP) for the benefit of our customers. Our customers are enjoying the advantages that GitOps provides for simplifying the management of their applications and infrastructure, and Flux’s graduation in the CNCF is further proof of the significant value it brings to Kubernetes deployments. Flux's design and security are robust, and it delivers key functionality that enables DKP customers to more easily manage applications and clusters across an entire fleet.” Dan Ciruli, Vice President, Product, D2iQ

In a time when companies need to do more with less, Flux’s extensibility provides popular capabilities such as bringing GitOps to Terraform or doing GitOps management right from Visual Studio Code.

“Flux has been instrumental in adopting GitOps for us, both internally and at customers. Flux's extensibility has changed how I build and manage platforms, by allowing me to use Terraform in a true GitOps model, and create services that scale.” Roberth Strand, Principal Cloud Engineer, Amesto Fortytwo

With Weave GitOps, a natural extension to Flux for Application Lifecycle management, developers with little or no experience of Kubernetes can manage:

  • Application Operations: manage and automate deployment pipelines
  • Platforms: the easy way to have your own custom PaaS on cloud or on premise
  • Extensions: coordinate Kubernetes rollouts with eg. VMs, DBs and cloud services

For organizations where scale and flexibility is key, Weave GitOps Enterprise is offered as a set of paid tiers that sit on top of Weave GitOps where fleet management and building automated and secure self-service Kubernetes platforms is required.

Weaveworks would like to congratulate the Flux community on this outstanding achievement as we look forward to the next 5 years of what GitOps brings to the cloud native ecosystem.

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Cezzaine Zaher - cezz@weave.works

Release Summary

Flux, Weaveworks’ open source GitOps project, has been endorsed by the CNCF as a stable, production-ready project after reaching Graduated status.

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Cezzaine Zaher - cezz@weave.works