Season Health Commits $5 Million in Partnership with Health Plans to Help 117 Million Americans Living with Nutrition Related Chronic Diseases and Food Insecurity

Leading food-as-medicine platform launches Local Kitchen Initiative to provide turn-key food benefit program at scale

AUSTIN, Texas--()--Season Health, the leading food-as-medicine platform designed to address chronic condition management at scale, today announced a commitment to further advance the company’s vision of a world well fed. In partnership with health plans, the company is committing $5 million to bring its proprietary food-as-medicine platform as well as healthy, affordable, culturally relevant meals to communities across the country.

As part of this $5 million commitment, Season will co-sponsor its Local Kitchen Initiative in partnership with Territory Foods, designed to create pre-made meal kitchens that deliver affordable, clinically approved and culturally relevant meals in local communities facing food insecurity. Through this initiative, in conjunction with its food partners, Season will help local entrepreneurs establish or expand community kitchens as part of the company’s approach to promoting better health and creating a world well fed.

In addition to the Local Kitchen Initiative, Season will partner with health plans to sponsor pilots with 1,000 members with diabetes. The pilots will include:

  • Six months of access to Season’s platform for plan members with diabetes. This includes appointments with a registered dietitian, access to Season’s accredited diabetes education program, and a clinically validated selection of recipes and pre-made meals, all delivered through an in-house fulfillment team through a partnership with Instacart.
  • Funding $300 of free food for every enrolled member.
  • Measurement of health outcomes including A1c and BMI over the duration of the pilot, via multiple methods, including distribution of free at-home lab testing. These blood tests will be delivered to members' doorsteps through a partnership with Kit; this program will both increase the capture rate of key clinical metrics, and help members better understand their own blood sugar levels.

“The only way to solve the diabetes and obesity epidemic our country is facing is with a food-as-medicine platform that empowers payors to combine all of the disparate pieces that go into providing healthy food for their members, like SNAP benefits, food OTC cards, post-hospital discharge meals, etc. At Season, we believe in the power of food to improve the management of chronic conditions and support continued wellness,” said Josh Hix, CEO, Season Health. “We’re on a mission to improve health and increase access to nutritious food, and we believe these two programs will bring us closer to our vision of a well-fed world.”

Ninety-six million adult Americans, or one in three, have pre-diabetes, and around 35 million Americans have Type 2 Diabetes, according to the CDC. Additionally, according to the USDA ERS, 10.2% of Americans face food insecurity. According to the CDC, diabetes is the most expensive chronic condition in the country, with one out of every four U.S. healthcare dollars spent on caring for people with diabetes.

Season Health’s evidence-based and consumer-friendly platform combines clinical care with affordable, healthy food delivery to promote long-term health for those living with diabetes, prediabetes, gestational diabetes, chronic kidney disease and more.

About Season Health

Season Health is the leading food-as-medicine platform that enables people with chronic conditions to eat well and be well. Combining clinical nutrition care, meal recommendations, education, and food delivery into one comprehensive solution, Season aims to help more people see food as a healthy pleasure and create a world well fed. The company has raised over $37 million in venture capital funding from investors such as Andreessen Horowitz, LRV Health, and Company Ventures. Learn more at


Tara Mulloy

Release Summary

Season Health announces $5M commitment to combatting food insecurity and pilot plans for 1,000 members living with diabetes.


Tara Mulloy