Fortanix Launches DSM Explorer, a Comprehensive “Free Tier” Version of its Industry-Leading Data Security Manager (DSM) SaaS

New Tier Allows Users to Immediately Use Specific Key Management and Tokenization Use-Case Solutions, Including with Public Cloud Provider Partners AWS, Google and Microsoft

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.--()--Fortanix® Inc., the data-first multicloud security company and the pioneer of Confidential Computing, today announced it has launched a "free tier” of its popular Data Security Manager (DSM) SaaS offering, allowing users to explore some of the industry’s most popular use cases. Available now, the new free tier offering, named Fortanix DSM Explorer, is fully backed by Fortanix, including the ability to raise support tickets and receive updates and fixes.

DSM Explorer gives users the option to choose one of five curated solutions focused on popular use cases centering around protecting privacy, compliance with regulations, enhanced security control, and better management and control of cryptographic keys. The choices are:

  • Tokenization: Secure sensitive data such as PII with random, format-preserving encryption strings of characters known as “tokens” to achieve security and protect privacy
  • Google Cloud External Key Management: Enhanced security control by managing Google Cloud keys outside of the cloud
  • Google Workspace Client-Side Encryption: Retain sole authority over cryptographic keys for encrypting data and documents in Google Workspace
  • Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) on AWS: Retain cryptographic key control for initiatives related to AWS
  • BYOK on Microsoft Azure: Retain cryptographic key control for initiatives related to Microsoft Azure

“We are thrilled to introduce the DSM Explorer tier of our very popular, feature-rich Data Security Manager SaaS offering that is already being used by some of the largest enterprises and government agencies in the world,” said Faiyaz Shahpurwala, chief product and strategy officer at Fortanix. “Now, a wider range of organizations that also have to adhere to increasing regulations around the world can also benefit from reduced engagement friction, accelerated cloud adoption and compliance with privacy and security requirements.”

Fortanix Data Security Manager is a simple-to-deploy, yet highly scalable data security platform that delivers a unified suite of services including encryption, multi-cloud key management, tokenization and more. Fortanix DSM is offered in two tiers, both backed by FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified Fortanix Hardware Security Modules (HSMs).

While the DSM Enterprise tier provides organizations access to the full suite of data security use cases, the new DSM Explorer tier is ideal for smaller organizations or teams that would like to quickly prove time-to-value with select use-cases in production before considering the enterprise version.

“As data security and privacy regulations proliferate globally, organizations of all types and sizes will need solutions to help them stay compliant,” said Scott Raynovich, founder and chief analyst, Futuriom. “Fortanix’s free DSM Explorer offering is a step in the right direction in expanding the availability of enterprise-grade use case offerings to even the mid-size and smaller organizations for a variety of use-cases that could be deployed into production without hesitation.”

More information about DSM Explorer and how it compares with other offerings can be found HERE. And for more information on Fortanix's industry-leading DSM Enterprise, which features full-fledged encryption, tokenization, secrets management and multi-cloud data security, visit

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Sammy Totah, BOCA Communications for Fortanix


Sammy Totah, BOCA Communications for Fortanix