The Rhythmos Launch Brings Growing Energy Demand and Aging Infrastructure Into Harmony

Led by experienced industry veterans, board, and industry advisory, the new company’s platform accelerates Commercial EV Fleet Adoption and Customer ROI

BOULDER, Colo.--()--Rhythmos, an electric vehicle (EV) and commercial fleet charging and grid optimization technology company, was launched today by an experienced team of electricity industry veterans with a mission to drive intelligent energy delivery and use for a world that moves on electricity. The company’s Rhythmos Algorithmic Optimization System (AOS) enables utilities, EV fleet owners, and other participants in the electricity ecosystem to extract dormant value while transitioning to clean, renewable energy and decarbonized transportation.

“The U.S. needs an estimated $2.1 trillion in capital investment by 2030 to put us on a path to a near-zero emissions economy – and a huge part of that investment will go to expand the nation’s electrical system to accommodate the increased electrical load due to vehicle electrification (both passenger and fleet),” said Kenneth Munson, CEO of Rhythmos. Rhythmos has built a platform to help stakeholders across the entire energy ecosystem extract dormant value while facilitating a cost-efficient transition from fossil fuels to clean, renewable energy and decarbonized transportation.

Sophisticated Technology

The Rhythmos AOS platform is the foundation for the company’s advanced, intelligent technology solutions that co-optimize the entire grid ecosystem to extract maximum benefits from EV deployments for customers. At the same time, the technology minimizes grid impacts and wholesale energy costs of EV charging and operations for utilities, energy retailers, and aggregators. Leveraging a long history in predictive analytics, Rhythmos, formerly GridCure, was reimagined and restructured to capitalize on emerging fleet electrification challenges with a specific emphasis on managing the intersection of energy markets, fleets, and utilities.

The technology opens up a tremendous opportunity to drive the transformation from the ends: Linking wholesale markets, bulk power generators, utility transmission and distribution systems, EV fleet operators, and even individual EV owners together to drive efficiencies, optimize demand, enable intelligent fleet charging/discharging planning and operations, and create incentives for all participants to play an active role in the transition while sharing in its economic benefits.

“The Rhythmos AOS platform will serve as a seamless integration point allowing all participants on the grid to partner with each other, turning traditional grid liabilities into assets and participants into partners,” Munson said.

Experienced Leadership

The company’s leadership team brings unparalleled experience in running one of the most innovative mobility commercialization collaboratives in the world, as well as expansive experience in virtually every group within one of the US’s largest and most innovative municipal utilities, encompassing modernization and technology innovation, data science, systems operations, system planning, distribution operations engineering, grid-edge battery storage, and demand response program design.

Leading the new company as CEO, Munson brings decades of experience as an executive at innovative companies developing advanced energy and grid-edge technologies. Leading the Company’s Product efforts is Jeff Berkheimer as Senior Vice President, and Mark Rawson, who is leading Strategy and Partnership as Senior Vice President.

The company also has assembled a visionary Board and Industry Advisory Council to guide its work, enabling the transition of the electricity system to one that fully supports the adoption of electric transportation and distributed generation.

The board and industry council include experts that give the company unparalleled counsel in connected vehicles, mobility, vehicle electrification rate design, carbon-reduction policy, automotive and utility innovation, and finance to help guide our roadmap and vision. Together with the utility industry and grid technology executives at the company, these expert advisors provide Rhythmos with decades of deep knowledge from which to draw as it looks to lead change across the grid and EV ecosystem. Rhythmos also draws on the tremendous support from its lead Blackhorn Ventures, as well as BDC Capital, UPC Capital Ventures, and many others.

The company’s board includes:

  • Mark Loch, Operating Partner, Blackhorn Ventures. Loch is a senior adviser for companies, investors, and institutions in the Front Range, tackling the world’s energy and resource sustainability and access challenges. He is Managing Director Emeritus at McKinsey & Company.
  • Logan Grizzel, Partner, MUUS Climate Partners. Grizzel is responsible for deal sourcing, due diligence and execution, and supporting the MCP team and portfolio companies. Before joining MUUS Climate Partners, Logan was a Partner and CTO at Blackhorn Ventures. Logan spent time with Toyota, learning about working on the electrified vehicle product planning, marketing, and strategic research for EVs, PHEVs, and Fuel Cells, powertrains, and vehicles.
  • Dan Grossman, Board Member and Leadership Advisor, Automotive and Shared Mobility. Grossman has been at the forefront of the automotive and mobility sectors for more than 15 years. He was a pioneer in the car-sharing space with Zipcar as a start-up, created General Motors’ Maven mobility division, and served as Ford Motor Company’s Global Vice President of Microtransit.
  • Neetika Sathe, Vice President, Green Energy, and Technology (GRE&T) Centre at Alectra. As a Canada Cleane50 Award recipient, Sathe leads innovation in the energy industry for the GRE&T Center, which under her leadership, has launched many innovative initiatives that are transforming the energy sector.

The Industry Advisory Council for Rhythmos includes:

  • Paul De Martini, Managing Partner, Newport Consulting. De Martini is a leading strategic advisor on the business, policy, and technology dimensions of a more distributed power system. His global clients include utilities, market operators, regulators, and government agencies.
  • Henry Bzeih, Global Chief Strategy Officer, CTO Automotive & Transportation, and Head, Transportation Business Line at Microsoft. As global CTO and Lead Strategist for the Mobility, Automotive & Transportation industries, Bzeih’s primary focus is to lead the industry's global Three Horizon strategy. His automotive technology executive career spans 28 years in the automotive and technology sectors.

“We are extremely fortunate to have this caliber of experienced executives and advisors playing such fundamental roles at Rhythmos from day one,” Munson said. “We have a strong vision for the future. Rhythmos comes into the market with the technology and expertise to match that vision and deliver value and positive change that will benefit our customers, company, and planet.”

About Rhythmos

Rhythmos develops advanced technology that optimizes the entire electric mobility ecosystem, enabling the transition to a decarbonized power grid based on distributed energy resources as primary service providers. Our Rhythmos Algorithmic Optimization System (AOS) platform uses advanced machine learning and data analytics to optimize grid performance, considering EV fleet owner operational requirements, existing utility tariffs and rates, electric utility infrastructure capacity and grid constraints, wholesale energy market pricing, and more. By approaching optimization from this end-to-end ecosystem perspective, the Rhythmos AOS extracts the dormant value for all participants in the energy ecosystem, something traditional point solutions cannot identify and capture. Based in Boulder, CO, Rhythmos is at the forefront of solving a $2.1 trillion problem and facilitating a rapid and cost-efficient transition from fossil fuels to clean, renewable energy and decarbonized transportation. Learn more at Rhythmos For media inquiries, contact


Elaine Wheatley


Elaine Wheatley