MyCarrier Releases New Version of Their Top-Rated TMS Platform

MyCarrier's small to midsized business (SMB) TMS new version released to enhance customer experience and multi-modal support

PHOENIX--()--MyCarrier, provider of the industry’s top-rated SMB transportation management system (TMS), announced today that it had released a new version of MyCarrierTMS. The latest version of the platform significantly enhances user interaction, making the top-rated platform even easier to use. MyCarrier's TMS acts as a digital bridge, providing new levels of visibility between shippers and carriers that will lead the LTL shipping market digital transformation efforts and accelerate carrier digital scorecard initiatives.

"We started MyCarrier grounded on a culture of continuous improvement," said Chris Scheid, MyCarrier President. "Thankfully, our amazing customers provide constant feedback on ways to improve. Our focus is to deliver the capabilities needed to support an ever-evolving multi-modal shipping landscape, providing the necessary management and visibility while maintaining the ease of use we've been known for."

The release will bring several new updates, including:

  • Improving the onboarding experience for new platform users, including shipping/logistics users and others involved with shipping from the accounting/finance, customer support, and sales departments.
  • Adding new carriers via a single-click quick connect configuration process
  • Adding ERP Lite integration support. ERP Lite support is a game changer for SMB teams who cannot afford the time of complex integrations. ERP Lite enables teams to integrate into nearly every ERP system quickly, without the specialized resources and associated costs.
  • Adding automation for consignee-routed shipments (outbound collect)
  • Enhancing our multi-modal support by integrating core functional elements necessary to support parcel in the future

"We are excited about today's release, as it's the kickstart to several significant enhancements fueled by our recent Series B close," said Travis Rhyan, MyCarrier's Chief Product Officer. "This release is just the beginning, but it is a huge step forward, setting the foundation for future releases that will broaden the platform, adding more value to logistics and finance departments."

Strong user feedback has been a driving force behind MyCarrier’s vision, capability set and rapid growth. This customer-led approach catapulted and kept MyCarrierTMS into top spots on G2 for both the “Highest Rated” and “Easiest to Use” TMS categories. According to MyCarrier CEO, Michael Bookout, “The powerful testimonials provided by MyCarrierTMS customers are helping to break down technology fears previously seen throughout the SMB shipper and carrier market. SMB shippers know they need to evolve, and thankfully, our customers are helping us accelerate user adoptions.”

The recent launch of the MyCarrierTMS will add many of the requested capabilities from our registered user base of over 25,000. More importantly, the release will advance digital automation in several key areas, such as integrating shipper's ERP and TMS platforms, supporting all freight charge types (prepaid, collect, and third-party), and more. MyCarrier is the only 100% electronic Bill of Lading platform ready for round-trip automation between carrier and shipper, with 1,872 fully automated eBOL customers today. The release will also improve user experience, focused on unifying and enabling all departments involved with shipping. Future planned features include freight audit and dispute, freight payments, truckload, advanced analytics, and more.

About MyCarrier

MyCarrier, a transformative shipping management platform, has partnered with the industry's largest carriers to provide unprecedented efficiencies and value-based visibility. MyCarrierTMS and MyCarrierTMS Pro use innovative API technology to connect shippers directly to their carriers, creating a seamless end-to-end shipping process and providing unrivaled data that leads to easier shipping management, cost savings, and increased efficiencies. To learn more about MyCarrier, click here.


Marc Brown
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Marc Brown
(602) 321-1075