Landa Obtains Real Estate Brokerage Licenses In Top Markets

As a Driver of Continued Growth, This Enables Landa To Efficiently Acquire New Properties for Individuals To Invest In

NEW YORK--()--Landa, the financially inclusive real estate investing platform, announced today it has obtained brokerage licenses in the markets it is currently operating in. This will expedite Landa’s purchasing of new properties, accelerating its mission to make real estate investing more accessible. Through Landa, individuals can invest in real estate starting at just $5.

Purchasing homes to rent is an essential part of the Landa business model. By acquiring a brokerage license in all active markets, Landa can act as the buyer without going through any additional third parties, such as buyers' agents. This not only streamlines the process but also makes Landa a competitive buyer, ultimately enabling more individuals to access the real estate market through investing with Landa. Landa currently has properties in Atlanta and New York City with plans to launch in Birmingham, Charlotte, Jacksonville, Orlando, and Tampa in the coming months.

“Brokerage licenses open a direct line of communication with the seller or the seller's broker, which simplifies the process of acquiring new properties and allows us to source prospective acquisitions faster,” explained Brandon Goldgrub, Landa’s general manager in New York. “This also enables us to source through the MLS directly, which means we can always be on the lookout for top properties that will provide the best opportunities for our investors.”

Since Landa’s launch in late August, the company has seen rapid growth, recently hitting over 30,000 individuals investing through the app. The easy-to-use and highly secure interface allows investors to browse properties, purchase shares, and have a simple overview of their portfolios. Recently, the company surpassed 100,000 completed investments through the app, an important milestone in establishing a marketplace for accessible real estate investing.

“Seeing individuals get excited about investing in real estate through Landa has been incredibly rewarding for me,” stated CEO and cofounder Yishai Cohen. “Real estate investing is traditionally only available to the very wealthy, but we’re going to continue pulling all the levers we can to create a truly accessible real estate investing model that empowers more individuals to take part.”

Landa launched with $33 million in venture funding from investors, including NFX, 83North, and Viola Ventures. For more information and to download the Landa app, click here.

About Landa

Landa was founded in New York City by Yishai Cohen and Amit Assaraf to enable everyone to access and benefit from investing in real estate, regardless of income. Landa purchases properties, divides them into shares for investors, and rents them out. Investors have the potential to net a long-term investment while also enjoying a dividend income from their properties. To learn more visit or follow along on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.