Trilio Extends Industry-Leading Integration for Red Hat OpenShift Anywhere, Across Any Cloud or Use Case

Company Announces Fleet Management Capabilities for Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management (ACM) and Support for OpenShift Services on AWS and Microsoft Azure

Company announces Kubernetes fleet management capabilities aligned with Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management (ACM) and support for OpenShift services on AWS and Microsoft Azure. (Graphic: Trilio)

FRAMINGHAM, Mass.--()--Trilio, a leading provider of cloud-native data protection, today announced it has extended its comprehensive support for Red Hat OpenShift by introducing several enhancements with the release of TrilioVault for Kubernetes (TVK) v3.0. These new capabilities build on the company’s objective of providing the most integrated experience for OpenShift customers across the Red Hat suite of capabilities and deployment options.

New TrilioVault for OpenShift Features:

  • Manage and apply data protection policies for “fleets” of Kubernetes clusters in alignment with Advanced Cluster Management (ACM).
  • Near-instantaneous OpenShift application portability and recoverability across any cloud or storage via Continuous Restore. See separate announcement.
  • Support for OpenShift Service on AWS (ROSA).
  • Support for Microsoft Azure OpenShift Service (ARO).
  • Support for Red Hat OpenShift Virtualization (OCPv) will be delivered during Q4’22.

With these new capabilities, businesses looking to protect and mobilize OpenShift applications at scale can easily migrate to new cloud infrastructure, recover quickly from ransomware attacks and comply with disaster recovery protocols.

“No matter where you start your cloud and container journey with Red Hat, Trilio can support you and deliver enterprise-ready application resiliency for Kubernetes environments,” said David Safaii, CEO of Trilio. “Today’s announcement underscores Trilio’s commitment to being the best-aligned data protection and management technology for Red Hat OpenShift. If you’re using OpenShift in any way, shape, form or location, Trilio will be there to help you backup, restore or migrate your containerized applications with ease and confidence.”

Trilio Fleet Management Capability Fully Integrates with Red Hat ACM

Multi-cluster deployments are becoming common as a way to improve tenant isolation, availability and scalability, but managing these "fleets" of clusters can be complex. With ACM, organizations can manage all of the Kubernetes clusters in their fleet from anywhere that OpenShift runs. However, most data protection offerings can't handle clusters at scale.

Trilio now offers fleet management capabilities via integration with the ACM framework. The TVK Management Console supports the ability to apply policies and manage data protection operations across thousands of “fleets” of Kubernetes clusters.

TVK Supports Red Hat OpenShift Managed Service Offerings on AWS and Microsoft Azure

Today, Trilio is also announcing support for Red Hat’s OpenShift managed service offerings on AWS and Microsoft Azure. TVK natively integrates with OpenShift and is a Red Hat certified solution for:

  • Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS (ROSA): ROSA offers a wide range of AWS compute, database, analytics, machine learning, networking, mobile and other services to build secure and scalable applications faster. Users can now find and deploy TVK for ROSA from either the OpenShift Operator Hub or AWS Marketplace.
  • Microsoft Azure OpenShift Service (ARO): ARO provides highly available, fully managed OpenShift clusters on demand, monitored and operated jointly by Microsoft and Red Hat. Users can now find TVK for ARO on the Azure Marketplace.

With this support, TVK provides flexibility to move your OpenShift applications into whatever infrastructure fits your needs, including scenarios such as:

  • Moving your OpenShift applications across clouds or Kubernetes distributions to optimize cost, performance and security.
  • Switching from on-prem to a managed service offering like ROSA or ARO to offload day-to-day operations.
  • Using a hybrid cloud approach by taking advantage of OpenShift on-prem and the public cloud to give you burst capabilities.

“Building OpenShift applications in the cloud means enjoying benefits like speed, flexibility and scalability, but it also requires you to manage and protect those applications when the unexpected happens,” said Murali Balcha, founder and CTO of Trilio. “In short, you need a resilience strategy in the cloud. Thankfully, whether you are using OpenShift in your own data centers or in the cloud, such as with ROSA or ARO, TVK can protect your containerized applications or provide mobility across multi-cloud architectures to meet your requirements.”

Coming Soon: Support for Red Hat OpenShift Virtualization

Later this quarter, Trilio will offer support for OpenShift Virtualization. OpenShift Virtualization allows organizations to run and manage virtual machine (VM) and container workloads side by side. With TVK, users can apply data protection to both OpenShift containers and VMs.

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