2022 U.S. Hispanics Report by LLYC and Expedition Strategies

The U.S. Hispanic population is changing, so businesses must adapt to tap into this 62 million-strong market.

MIAMI--()--Global communications consulting firm LLYC and national polling firm Expedition Strategies joined forces to research and provide insights into the over 62 million U.S. Hispanics, who represent one in five Americans. As this community continues to grow, U.S. businesses must learn more about their unique culture, behaviors, and purchasing preferences to successfully serve this population.

“As shown in the report, the U.S. Hispanic community continues to evolve, growing larger and stronger,” commented JF Munoz, U.S. CEO of LLYC. “It doesn’t look the same as it did even five years ago.”

The report’s key findings include:

  • The majority of U.S. Hispanics were born and raised in the United States.
    • 77% of participants are native citizens.
    • 74% of participants prefer speaking and reading in English.
  • The U.S. Hispanic community is interested in savings and investment.
    • 73% put their money into savings or investment accounts.
    • 47% think it’s a good idea to invest, but don’t know enough to feel comfortable doing it.
  • Hispanic adults are involved in U.S. politics.
    • There was a 7% increase in voters in the 2020 presidential elections compared to the 2016 elections.
    • 68% are very likely or certain to vote in the 2022 election for Congress and other offices.

“It’s up to U.S. companies to do their due diligence and familiarize themselves with the community in order to fully understand their habits as consumers,” added Peter Brodnitz, Founder of Expedition Strategies. “The findings of the study drastically change conventional wisdom regarding the U.S. Hispanic community.”

LLYC and Expedition strategies surveyed 1,000 U.S. Hispanic consumers across various market areas from Sept. 26 through Oct. 1. The poll included questions on subjects like politics, economics, media preferences and social media usage, as well as general background and cultural information.

To read the full LLYC and Expedition Strategies 2022 U.S. Hispanics Report, please visit the report webpage.

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Juan Felipe Munoz, U.S. CEO, LLYC

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LLYC and Expedition Strategies joined forces to provide insights into the over 62 million U.S. Hispanics.

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Juan Felipe Munoz, U.S. CEO, LLYC