First Individualized Book Discovery App Powered by Artificial Intelligence Now Available

Faster, easier, and more intelligent, Flip helps users find their perfect book

BOSTON--()--Flip, an on-demand book discovery app powered by artificial intelligence, announced today the launch of its app. Faster, easier, and more intelligent, Flip helps connect users with their next great read, providing a platform for titles, big and small, to be discovered by users according to their own unique interests.

There are over one million new books published each year in the U.S., and with so many new titles on the shelves, it has become increasingly difficult for publishers and authors to find and connect with new readers. Current solutions are not founded on what the user is reading, thus are not user-centric, instead following a “others bought this book” approach to book recommendations. The net result is a disconnect between publishers and readers. Flip solves publishing’s biggest problem: discovery.

“Common approaches to book discovery often yield unsatisfactory outcomes for consumers - readers miss books that they would otherwise like to read, or ultimately read books they do not like based on misguided recommendations,” said John Corcoran, founder of Flip. “We have developed a solution that surpasses community-based chats and recommendation lists by rooting discovery in personalization. Powered by intuitive, proprietary AI, Flip connects readers with authors and titles they will actually care about and enjoy.”

Flip’s founders collectively have more than 40 years of experience in data science and data-driven industries. Through this professional lens, they quickly became aware that a lack of data is a significant driver of the publishing industry’s discovery challenge. Thus, Flip is not reliant on data collection – it uses AI to both create and analyze data, from which curated book discovery is enabled for users.

Flip is fully user-centric; users tell Flip what they are enjoying reading and interested in reading, regardless of genre or category, and Flip provides book titles that match their nuanced interests, without retaining or selling user-specific data. Flip’s proprietary AI and intuitive interface enable a more reliable, effective, and enjoyable experience for users, helping them not to find a potentially perfect book for someone like them, but the perfect book for them. As user preferences change and new books become available, Flip’s dynamic AI continues to learn and adjust accordingly for each user.

In addition to the new book discovery approach, Flip enables readers to have access to a new world of personal selections that would not be easily discovered elsewhere. Users can ‘flip’ with the confidence that the books suggested to them will accurately align with their reading preferences—even if their preferences or interests change. Through the app, users will not only discover new and highly relevant books but also be directed to various sites to complete the purchase

Flip is free and now available for download. To learn more about Flip and discover the best books you have not yet heard of, please visit,

About Flip:

Flip is the only source for on-demand, individualized book discovery fueled by proprietary artificial intelligence. Through easier, more intelligent discovery, Flip helps users quickly discover their next great read. Unlike community-based chats and lists based on someone else’s preferences, Flip empowers readers to control their preferences, ensuring they find new books that are individually and personally relevant. To learn more and ‘flip’ to your next great read, visit


Texana Blacknall


Texana Blacknall