Plexision offers the first rapid blood test panel to predict cytomegalovirus infection and transplant rejection

PITTSBURGH--()--Plexision, a biotechnology company, is offering the first blood test panel capable of reporting the risk of cytomegalovirus infection and transplant rejection within six hours after samples arrive at its reference laboratory. The PlexCMV™ test measures the risk of cytomegalovirus infection using changes in T-cell immunity to the virus. Cytomegalovirus infection can cause significant morbidity in transplant recipients and other immunocompromised individuals. The recently developed PlexAPR™ test predicts transplant rejection and also reports results within 6 hours.

Preventing rejection and infection are goalposts that guide the lifelong management of anti-rejection drugs. Failure to use these medications correctly can result in loss of the transplanted organ. The company’s tests measure changes in the immune function of live single cells to assess the risk of these events and changes in this risk during therapy.

“Plexision’s tests tap into natural algorithms that direct intact immune cell function during disease. Accelerated delivery of risk profiles to caregivers reflects our commitment to improve outcomes of transplant and other immunocompromised patients,” said Rajeev Sindhi, CEO of Plexision.

Two to three percent of the US population is immunocompromised. Over 150,000 patients receive solid organ transplantation, worldwide.

About Plexision: Plexision’s reference laboratory performs cell-based blood tests for personalized management of transplant rejection, infections in immunocompromised patients, and immune therapy in oncology. Transplant rejection testing services include the FDA-approved Pleximmune™ blood test to predict transplant rejection in children with liver or intestine transplants, the lab-developed Pleximark™ test to predict kidney transplant rejection, and the PlexAPR™ for the rapid assessment of rejection-risk. Tests that predict infection includes the lab-developed PlexCMV™ and the PlexCOVID-19 tests. These tests measure cell-mediated immunity to cytomegalovirus and the COVID-19 coronavirus, respectively. Plexision also performs custom R & D projects that require integration of cellular biomarker targets in all phases of development of drugs, vaccines, and gene therapy products, from pre-clinical to post-marketing. The company’s portfolio of cell-based blood tests can be adapted to assess disease risk for several immunological disorders and develop personalized dosing recommendations. The company’s reference laboratory in Pittsburgh, PA, is CLIA-approved, CAP-accredited and GMP-compliant. To learn more, visit or email or