Every Body Is Welcome Here: Emma US Launches CliMax® Hybrid, a Mattress That Celebrates Your Unique Curves

Did you say: curves in all the right places? Designed with plush-sized comfort that caters to the unique needs of plus-sized folks, the CliMax® supports plus-sized sleepers for every bedtime desire.

New Emma CliMax Hybrid Mattress (Photo: Business Wire)

FRANKFURT, Germany--()--Emma®, the world’s leading online sleep brand, is disrupting the category with the debut of a hybrid mattress that leans into supporting the modern plus-size person. Specifically designed for plus-sized sleepers with a focus on comfort, the new Emma CliMax® Hybrid was created to celebrate body neutrality and our intimate moments in bed.

In America, 70% of the population is considered plus-size. When it comes to plus-sized people’s sleep habits, most mattresses aren’t built to support sleepers over 250lbs. leading to problems like sagging, lack of support and night sweats. The CliMax mattress was specifically designed to combat these issues. The Emma CliMax Hybrid combines five layers of cloudlike comfort with one layer of supportive springs – experts agree, Emma is good in bed. Key benefits of the Emma CliMax Hybrid Include:


  • Made with breathable, ventilated, and cooling components from the inside-out, our CliMax mattress works to dissipate heat and absorb sweat
  • The combination of our signature, award-winning breathable AIRGOCELL® Foam, temperature regulating UltraDry® and ShapeAdapt® pocketed springs work together to absorb sweat and create pockets of air that keep you cool all night long


  • Our six comfortable layers work synergistically to provide a plus-sized level of comfort and support, ideal for all sleeping positions and body types
  • Each CliMax mattress contains 100+ supporting points to distribute pressure evenly and pocketed springs that provide an optimum level of tension and bounce, for a restful night’s sleep


  • Our CliMax mattress is built with five ergonomic zone cutouts that align your head, shoulder, back, and hips with the right support resistance
  • The mattress adapts, curves, and contours to the unique shape of every body and sleeping position


  • Our pocketed springs are strong enough to support up to 1,000 lbs.
  • By using high-quality and high-density HRX Supreme® Foam, every CliMax mattress will withstand years of use, all while providing edge support so you can easily get in and out of bed in the morning

“Great sleep doesn’t have to stop at size 18. Full-figured men and women deserve products that not only listen to and understand their specific needs but celebrate real bodies in a realistic, feel-good way,” says Marty Gonzaga, Country Manager of Emma® North America. “We’re excited to bring the Emma CliMax® to the US because its focus on comfort, design, and quality while allowing plus-size sleepers to awaken their best and realize their most energized, empowered selves through a good night’s sleep, all without charging them extra dollars.”

The Emma CliMax® not only challenges the lack of sleep solutions for plus-size sleepers but recognizes that wellness extends well beyond just catching those ZZZ’s–designing a mattress that claims to elevate your sex life. Combining five layers of cloudlike comfort with one layer of CliMax® Pocketed Springs for extra…bounce, you can call it the best “six” of your life—all at an introductory price of $595.

“Inclusivity in body shapes and sizes is not a marketing trend. We’re here to champion confidence both in and out of bed and enable wellness across all parts of your life, because you do more in bed than just sleep,” Marty continues.

The Emma CliMax® Hybrid is available for purchase in the U.S. and beyond via the Emma website. Every purchase comes with a 365-night trial, a 10-year warranty, and next-day free shipping across the country. Please visit here for more information or follow Emma® on Instagram or Facebook for updates.

About the Emma CliMax Hybrid “Best SIX” layers:

  • UltraDry® Pillowtop Cover: a hypoallergenic and moisture-wicking sleep surface that’s soft to the touch, breathable, and luxuriously plush.
  • AIRGOCELL® Comfort Layer: Emma’s award-winning hypersoft foam allows air to pass through, giving you the perfect balance of breathability and cloudlike comfort.
  • CliMax® Transition Layer: visco-elastic foam with over 100 supportive points to distribute weight evenly while providing excellent motion isolation.
  • CliMax® Pocketed Springs: individually wrapped pocketed coils create 5 ergonomic and supportive zones for your head, shoulders, back, hips, and feet. They also work like bellows, creating better air circulation and giving extra bounce.
  • HRX Supreme® Edge Support: high-density foam creates a reinforced perimeter around the mattress to prevent sagging and help you get out of bed in the mornings.
  • HRX Supreme® Support Layer: high-density and high-quality foam that’s supportive, durable, and will last through the years.

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