Standard General’s Soo Kim Responds to Ad Hominem Attacks in Federal Communications Commission’s TEGNA Proceeding

Raises Serious Concerns About Sexist and Racially Charged Ad Hominem Attacks from Jon Schleuss, David Goodfriend and Andrew Schwartzman of The NewsGuild

Highlights Significant Support for Proposed Acquisition of TEGNA from Numerous Civil Rights and Labor Organizations, Legislators, and Minority Media Groups

NEW YORK--()--Standard General L.P. (“Standard General”) today responded to the repeated ad hominem attacks made by opponents of its proposed acquisition of TEGNA Inc. (“TEGNA”) (NYSE: TGNA) at the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”), raising concerns with certain opposing parties’ conduct in the proceeding.

Deb McDermott and I have a proven track record of enhancing stations’ service to their local communities. As a woman and a minority, respectively, we may well have had to work twice as hard as most to get to where we are in the media industry. We will bring decades of experience and perspectives to the ownership and leadership of TEGNA, an important media company.

We are extremely concerned by the manner in which Jon Schleuss, David Goodfriend and Andrew Schwartzman of the NewsGuild continue to ignore the facts of this deal, and more troubling are their sexist and racially charged ad hominem attacks. They claim:

  • Soo Kim’s investment is anonymous foreign investment in American newsrooms”
  • This deal should be especially scrutinized because of “China(‘s) increased tensions in the Taiwan Strait”
  • Soo Kim’s transaction does not promote ownership diversity as it is understood by the public interest and civil rights community, and by commission policy”
  • “Mr. Kim is not barred by his race from becoming a successful entrepreneur” while “Ms. McDermott is not barred by her gender to be selected to run a large corporation.”

To be clear, I am ethnically Korean. And I am a proud American citizen. These three men are attempting to define what constitutes a minority or what is the right kind of diversity—this is offensive and inappropriate. And it is beyond the pale for Schleuss, Goodfriend, and Schwartzman to use my ethnicity to postulate theories of my being an agent of foreign ownership. These fact-free statements are careless given that even a cursory inspection of the documents we have provided would show that I am currently the attributable owner of multiple radio and television stations today.

Notably, the NewsGuild did not comment on other recent Broadcasting deals such as the Scripps acquisition of ION or the Gray acquisitions of Meredith or Quincy – all deals that were not as straight-forward as ours given that they resulted in tremendous consolidation and required station divestitures to address regulatory/DOJ concerns.

Fortunately, Deb and I are not alone. We have received letters of support from legislators including the Chairs of the Black Caucus for Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina; civil rights groups including the Arc of Justice and the NAACP Atlanta; minority media groups like the National Association of Hispanic Publications; and many others.

We are confident that our applications are in order, our deal complies with all regulations, and we have been happy to answer forthright any and all questions. In full transparency, we have submitted 3 million documents and over 12 million pages of records and have nothing but respect for the regulatory process. We will continue to work collaboratively with FCC staff in their review of the facts of the proposed transaction.

We are confident that the public statements from these three men will be seen for what they are—sentiments that have no place in America today.

Supportive Parties:

  • Southern Legislator Group
    • Senator Tonya P. Anderson - Chair of Georgia Legislative Black Caucus; Georgia Senate
    • Representative Patricia M. Henegan - Chair of South Carolina Legislative Black Caucus; South Carolina General Assembly
    • Representative Kelly M. Alexander Jr. - Chair of North Carolina Legislative Black Caucus; North Carolina General Assembly
  • Representative Terry Brown Jr. – North Carolina House District 92
  • Joyce Dickerson, Former Chair, FCC Intergovernmental Advisory Committee
  • Stephen L. Gilchrist, Chairman of the South Carolina African-American Chamber of Commerce
  • Reverend Kirsten John Foy - Arc of Justice
  • Richard Rose - President of NAACP Atlanta
  • NAHP (National Association of Hispanic Publications)
  • Tower of Babel (Frank Washington)
  • Michael R Bailey Jr. – The Minority Eye
  • Estrella Media
  • Council for Korean Americans
  • National Asian/Pacific Islander American Chamber of Commerce and Entrepreneurship
  • AWT Organization (Advocating for Women in Tech)
  • Seattle Local 46
  • American Consumer Institute
  • Jay Huizenga – KELOLAND Media Group

About Standard General

Standard General was founded in 2007 and manages capital for public and private pension funds, endowments, foundations, and high-net-worth individuals. Standard General is a minority-controlled and operated organization. Mr. Kim is supported by a diverse, highly experienced 17-person team, including seven investment professionals with over 120 years of collective investing experience.

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For media inquiries:
Standard General
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Joele Frank, Wilkinson Brimmer Katcher