Samsung Partners With HealthTap to Develop New Virtual Primary Care Capabilities for Future Samsung Smart TVs

HealthTap demonstrates at the 2022 Samsung Developer Conference the ability for owners of future Samsung Smart TVs to easily access their doctor from the comfort of their own home with HealthTap’s high-quality, affordable telehealth services

PALO ALTO, Calif.--()--HealthTap, the leading virtual primary care provider, announced today a strategic partnership with Samsung to bring virtual healthcare directly to Samsung Smart TVs across the United States. With HealthTap as its partner, Samsung is providing a critical new function to owners’ televisions. So far, HealthTap has helped millions of Americans gain access to healthcare via its mobile and desktop applications. This extension of its services being available to Samsung owners' televisions highlights the significance and powerful effect of its platform.

This strategic partnership is another validation of HealthTap’s important mission to equitably place quality, affordable primary care at every American’s fingertips – whether or not they have good insurance coverage or benefits. The senior population – which comprises one of Samsung’s largest purchaser segments – would especially benefit from having a comprehensive telehealth solution at their fingertips, as they have a larger propensity to health risks and need proactive and consistent care management.

“Developing a primary care relationship is critical for all Americans, and the ability to conveniently access telemedicine through a TV screen empowers everyone to take care into their own hands,” said Sean Mehra, CEO and founder of HealthTap. “Together with Samsung, we are leveraging the simplicity and power of technology to make it easier for Americans to get the healthcare they need without the worries of transportation, work conflicts or lack of available physicians in their area.”

For those seeking care, Samsung Smart TV owners would be able to seamlessly connect to HealthTap’s interactive healthcare platform and visit with a doctor of their choice through a connected television camera – all from the comfort of their own couch. Consumers can review doctor bios, credentials and video interviews allowing them to select the best US board-certified doctor for them and easily schedule an appointment, often within the same week.

“This collaboration represents the joining of two powerful and loyal consumer brands: Samsung, the leader in consumer electronics and innovations, and HealthTap, a beloved, consumer-centric virtual care platform, to improve healthcare access and health outcomes through the delivery of telemedicine in Samsung devices,” said Sean Park, Project Management at Samsung, at the conference.

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About HealthTap:

HealthTap is a nationwide virtual healthcare provider, delivering quality care affordable to all Americans, whether or not they have good insurance. HealthTap provides its members access to their own long-term primary care doctor, of their choice, to orchestrate all their ongoing health needs every step of the way. For $15 per month, consumers can benefit from free texting with their doctor, $39 video appointments, and $59 visits for 24/7 urgent care with the first available clinic doctor. Additionally, a network of 90,000 volunteer U.S. doctors across 147 specialties gives free informational answers to health questions from HealthTap members. Each year, HealthTap serves tens of millions of consumers online and provides many thousands of doctor visits, averaging a 4.9-star rating for its doctor visits. HealthTap has recently announced a partnership with Samsung to deliver primary care to Smart TVs across the nation. The company’s telehealth platform has been validated at scale by various leaders in the healthcare industry, including its most recent recognition by UCSF Health Hub’s 2022 Digital Health Awards. For more information, visit