MemoryWell Launches New Member Engagement Division PlanAllies

New division of MemoryWell Inc. delivers unprecedented improvements in member satisfaction, data collection, scalability and efficiencies for call centers

WASHINGTON--()--MemoryWell, Inc is excited to announce the creation of PlanAllies™, a paradigm-changing approach to bridging the communication gap between health insurance plans and their members. The $5 billion patient engagement industry is saturated with automated solutions that are ineffective for many seniors and underserved populations, two groups in greatest need for healthcare support and education.

PlanAllies’™ proprietary technology (EngageOS™) synthesizes health plan benefits, compliance requirements and health equity goals together with a superior level of human-to-human engagement. During real time conversations with members, EngageOS™ acts as a virtual assistant, informing callers of relevant benefits and SDoH, HRA and churn risks that need to be discussed. Satisfaction, retention, data and compliance reporting is automated for the plan.

MemoryWell offers full-service telephonic engagement, featuring our team of multilingual, highly skilled Plan Allies. The new division leverages superior engagement results driven by MemoryWell’s national multilingual network of cross-trained journalists skilled at collecting patient life stories proven to personalize care decisions.

“Rote, scripted interactions are a bad experience for everyone and produce poor results,” says Jay Newton-Small, CEO and founder of MemoryWell. “Our open-ended conversations are more meaningful, leading to increased member loyalty, and produce superior data.”

PlanAllies™ is also available on a licensing basis for health plan call centers. The technology is applicable to all health plans and delivers:

- Dramatic reduction of training costs, with higher efficiencies, for health plan call centers
- Double-digit improvement in engagement with difficult-to-reach populations
- Increased member satisfaction (Average ending NPS of 9.2)
- Double-digit reduction of member churn
- The cleanest, most actionable SDoH/HRA data in healthcare
- Simplified workflows for D-SNP Enrollee Advisory Committees and CalAIM D-SNP requirements

About MemoryWell

MemoryWell is a high-touch engagement solution that puts the person in the center of care. Through technology-powered human-to-human outreach, and a unique life storytelling solution, MemoryWell promotes member satisfaction and loyalty and captures important health and social data that drive improved outcomes. MemoryWell is approved as a Medicare Advantage VBID supplemental benefit.


Adam Bokmeyer
Head of Growth

Release Summary

MemoryWell, Inc is excited to announce the creation of PlanAllies™ to bridge the communication gap between health plans and their members.


Adam Bokmeyer
Head of Growth