Learning from Incidents Platform “Jeli,” Built by Former Netflix and Slack Leader, Raises $15 Million Series A

Jeli transforms company failures into learning opportunities by surfacing actionable insights across engineering teams and business units during incident analysis

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Jeli.io, the incident analysis platform founded by former Netflix and Slack engineering leader Nora Jones, today announced a $15 Million Series A round led by Addition with follow-up participation from Boldstart Ventures, Heavybit, and Harrison Metal.

Launched in December 2020, Jeli leverages failures and emergencies as a catalyst to help companies understand how they can improve reliability and reduce recurring issues. Since launching, the company’s revenue has increased 10X and total funding has grown to $19 Million.

“You’re always going to have unexpected situations – outages, incidents, emergencies. It’s an investment you’ve already made. Jeli helps you get the return out of that investment; a return that most companies frankly leave on the table,” said Nora Jones, CEO and Founder of Jeli.

“Organizations need to evolve beyond talking about incidents and failure as things to be avoided. Failure is inevitable and the research is overwhelming that cultivating a transparent, blameless culture is the best way to open up the floodgates for learning. We want to help every company leverage failure as a catalyst for positive change.”

Jeli provides users with the best practices of how to learn effectively from failures, drawn from years of research across aviation, fire departments, and technology companies. The platform highlights the coordination costs of incidents, uncovers organizational issues, and generates recommendations to help address problems before they become severe. The platform combines disparate systems involved in incident response such as Slack, Zoom, and Jira to surface insights across various incidents for a deeper and more efficient analysis of what went sideways and how to learn from it.

“Jeli is reimagining incident response analysis with an offering that enables businesses to facilitate critical conversations on how to share knowledge across teams and learn from failure,” said Lee Fixel of Addition. “Its approach to building resilient teams and systems, coupled with actionable recommendations, makes Jeli uniquely positioned to help companies better prepare for future incidents. We look forward to supporting Nora and the team as they continue to expand.”

Today, the company is also announcing the launch of their free Slack Incident Response Bot. Many of the incident response tools on the market today operate entirely in Slack, given that it is the communication platform of choice for many organizations. While Slack is a good place to start conversations and declare incidents, it is not built to retain and distribute knowledge for post-incident analysis.

“We want to give this away for free because it’s just the tip of the iceberg,” said Jones. "Slack is a great real-time communications tool - but it’s not where effective incident analysis happens. The Jeli platform reduces toil in incident reviews and helps generate insights to drive better discussions and distribute learnings across the organization."

Core Features

Narrative Builder: Team members can tag, categorize, and comment on the incident timeline created by Jeli. Narrative Builder puts together the story about what went wrong and how it can be prevented from happening in the future, leveraging the knowledge possessed by key stakeholders across the organization involved with the incident. It can also highlight what went right, allowing users to recognize and replicate the practices that help reliably deliver services to customers.

People View: Jeli’s people view helps teams quickly understand and visualize who participated in various incidents across time. This data can then be leveraged to create better on-call rotations, proactively avoid employee burnout, and know who to pull into an incident based on prior experiences.

Incident Analysis: Jeli’s Incident Response Bot collects data from Slack, Jira, Zoom, PagerDuty and other sources to assemble a full start-to-finish timeline of an incident. The platform can then surface insights automatically, as well as allow team members to explore the incident in detail to find undiscovered patterns or problems.

Customer quotes of support

Jeli is our favorite place to go when things go wrong and we want to understand why. So many vendors talk about AIOps and auto-remediation, but engineers know that humans need to be involved with troubleshooting sociotechnical issues. The way Jeli approaches turning incidents into a return and a way to capitalize on that investment is unlike any other solution. – Charity Majors, CTO and Co-Founder of Honeycomb

Jeli is our new secret sauce for learning from incidents and increasing trust, collaboration, initiative, creativity, on-the-job training and effectiveness is eliciting insightful information from others. Jeli's unique approach is unmatched, and we're making everything better about the way we work together, grow together and succeed together. Jason Koppe, Head of SRE at Indeed

Jeli is a perfect fit for us — it was something that we were missing and easily slotted in. The platform makes it fun and collaborative to do the work of analyzing incidents and extracting the learnings from them. – Erin McKeown, Director of Engineering at Zendesk

More Information

Get started with Jeli: https://www.jeli.io/
Read the funding blog post:: http://www.jeli.io/blog/jeli-series-a-announcement
Download the free Slack IR bot: www.jeli.io/blog/intro-to-jelis-ir-bot

About Jeli.io

Jeli.io is an incident analysis platform company that allows users to not only address incidents but learn everything they can from them. Jeli aggregates systemic incident data such as on-calls and incident response transcripts combined with team and responder information to find clear, actionable recommendations and insights to reveal organizational issues and continuously improve. For more information, go to https://www.jeli.io or follow @Jeli_io on Twitter.


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Jeli announces $15 Million Series A funding round.

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