Steadybit Secures $7.8M in Funding to Improve the Reliability of Complex Software Systems

Company introduces general availability of chaos and reliability engineering platform which already counts some of the largest enterprises in the world as customers; funding led by boldstart ventures

COLOGNE, Germany--()--Steadybit today announced the general availability of its reliability and chaos engineering platform along with $7.8 million in seed funding led by boldstart ventures. Steadybit is for SREs, DevOps, and developers to gain control and move beyond chaos engineering. Teams whose job is to securely and safely roll out Chaos Engineering in their organization to keep the systems up and running have the right orchestration platform with Steadybit.

Co-founded by Benjamin Wilms (CEO), Dennis Schulte (CTO), and Johannes Edmeier (head of engineering), the company has a number of well-known customers in SaaS, eCommerce, and financial services. Notable advisors include Nora Jones, Kelsey Hightower, Adam Frankl, Josh Kalderimis, Mirko Novakovic and Ameet Patel.

"Resilience is a team sport, and because resilience is a shared responsibility, we developed Steadybit as the chaos engineering platform that is equally beneficial to SREs, DevOps, and developers," said Wilms. "We are just getting started and look forward to working with our customers, investors, and advisors to transform the culture and technology around chaos engineering. Steadybit is the way to roll out Chaos Engineering across your organization to foster a Culture of Resilience."

Chaos Engineering is a method that revolves around injecting disruptions into software environments. By observing and understanding the emergent behavior of complex systems under those turbulent conditions, engineers can identify resilience gaps and fix them before they turn into production incidents.

“Our investment in Steadybit reflects our strong confidence in its business model and in Resilience Engineering which we see as an exciting technology devs and ops with unparalleled opportunities in the enterprise market,” said Eliot Durbin, general partner, boldstart ventures. “Steadybit’s unique approach to chaos engineering addresses real-world issues for anyone building and running software systems. We look forward to working with the team at Steadybit to help position it as the must-have, dev-first technology in the enterprise.”

Fundamentally Shifting the Culture and Approach to Chaos Engineering

The Steadybit platform is built to manage the unpredictable nature of multi-cloud environments, multi-region application architecture, and the numerous microservices running inside of containers and Kubernetes. The platform can define applications’ steady-states by integrating existing load tests and monitoring tools, inject failure modes like network latency, and check for resilience best practices by applying resilience policies. It can then patch them automatically using Steadybit's auto fix.

Key features include:

  • An intuitive and extensible experiment editor that makes it easy to precisely model past incidents, hypotheses about your system, or architecture requirements without any prior programming experience.
  • Robust blast radius controls on a team and environment level that enable safe Chaos Engineering roll-outs at any scale and at any level of expertise.
  • A comprehensive API that allows deep integration of the product into existing workflows and rigorous automation to reduce the administrative effort of large-scale roll-outs.

"We wanted more teams to do chaos engineering, so my goal was to ensure easy adoption. We were looking for something that our engineers could run experiments on that worked out of the box, had a good UI and was easy to deploy to Kubernetes," said Antoine Choimet, site reliability engineer, ManoMano, a European specialist for DIY gardening and home improvement online. "Steadybit provides us with the ability to integrate with all of our tools, listen to our needs and rapidly integrate new features that enable chaos engineering at levels we did not think possible so far."

“What the Steadybit team has done over the last few years is very impressive. The approach they are taking and their highly adaptable platform solves a rapidly escalating and evolving problem – and they continue to extend its capabilities in impactful ways,” said Gil Dibner, Partner at Angular Ventures. “Having worked with dozens of innovative tech startups, I can say that no one else is doing anything remotely this advanced, and we are happy to support the company in this journey.”

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About Steadybit

Steadybit is the first reliability engineering platform to go beyond Chaos Engineering. Organizations in the eCommerce, SaaS and financial services industries, as well as global enterprises choose Steadybit to roll out chaos engineering across their teams to foster a Culture of Resilience. Steadybit provides everything an organization needs to make it safe and easy to bridge the gap between the experts (SREs, platform and expert teams) and the developers. Steadybit is backed by boldstart ventures, Angular Ventures and New Forge, along with a number of well-known angel investors and individuals within the DevOps community. Learn more at


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Kelsey Parmenter