Mastercard’s Ethoca Teams With ChargebackZero to Lower Chargebacks

NEW DELHI--()--ChargebackZero is partnering with Ethoca, a Mastercard company, to help merchants minimize chargebacks, lower consumer transaction confusion, and share details of confirmed fraud and dispute information.

As part of the integration, we would prevent chargebacks using an alert mechanism. These Chargeback alerts are like a warning signal of an impending chargeback. The alerts enable merchants to identify and resolve customer disputes via near real-time communication with the customer's issuing bank. Businesses receive notifications through the ChargebackZero dashboard that combines multiple forms of alerts from various card issuers with unique Chargeback zero dispute management tools.

Merchants can leverage these alerts via our iDPMS (intelligent Dispute Prevention & Management Solution), to:

  • Stop chargebacks before they happen by proactively resolving disputes and providing refunds.
  • Reduce losses by stopping the fulfilment of orders and cancelling accounts
  • Leverage link analysis to eliminate related fraudulent orders, and bolster fraud screening to identify future fraud.
  • Increase sales by improving fraud models and increasing transaction acceptance.
  • Protect consumer experience and loyalty by saving customers from the endless chargeback process.

ChargebackZero integration and partnership with Ethoca for Chargeback alerts further strengthen the chargeback management process for businesses. The ability to prevent chargebacks in near-real time, even post-authorization, helps businesses accept more orders while staying protected from fraud.

The Chargeback Zero’s intelligent Dispute Prevention and Management Solution is available now. For more information, visit

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ChargebackZero is a fintech provider of industry-leading fraud prevention & automated dispute management solutions to merchants, payments facilitators & issuing financial institutions. ChargebackZero’ s Disputes as a Service™ offering features automated software, AI technology, and human intelligence services for financial organizations of all sizes. Our goal is to establish and advance the industry standard in fraud and dispute management by instituting best-in-class principles, delivering unparalleled technology, and advocating for change in our community.

We offer end-to-end automation software for managing fraud and disputes, supported with complete fraud risk, credit risk, compliance risk, and network mandates. ChargebackZero offering includes CBZero automated dispute management software, fraud management AI, and Dispute Resolution Experts™ human intelligence services. ChargebackZero believes in providing a supportive and collaborative environment where the best financial and tech minds work together to drive client success, providing effective dispute management software and solutions.

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