Iowa Basketball Coaches Association Teams Up With Ballogy

Coaches To Manage Player Development and Team Training Using Ballogy App

AUSTIN, Texas--()--Ballogy Inc., the skills assessment and development app and leading exposure platform for basketball players aspiring to get to the next level in their sport, announced today that it is partnering with the Iowa Basketball Coaches Association (IBCA) to offer the Ballogy app to high school coaches and their players throughout the state.

“We are excited to partner with Ballogy to provide a solution that makes it easy for every coach, team, and player to quantify their progress,” said Tom Betz, director of development at IBCA. “Ballogy makes skill development both clear and measurable for coaches, enabling them to easily deliver a basketball curriculum that creates team and individual accountability.”

Ballogy also offers the Ballogy Skills Assessment (BSA) which is a certified shooting skills assessment available exclusively on the app. The result of feedback gathered from middle school, high school, and collegiate-level coaches and athletes, the BSA is designed to objectively evaluate a player’s shot-making abilities in various contexts. The BSA is a first-of-its-kind universal shooting metric that truly levels the playing field for every female and male athlete looking to play at the next level of the game.

“We are honored to have an endorsement from the IBCA,” said Todd Young, founder and CEO of Ballogy. “We are all about delivering technology that makes coaches' lives easier and promotes healthy competition, accountability, and overall skill development for players.”

Ballogy will be doing an on-court demonstration at the IBCA 2022 Fall Clinic on Saturday, October 22th. For more information, please visit

About Ballogy

Ballogy is an innovative software company revolutionizing the way youth and amateur athletes prepare for their sports. Ballogy’s unique performance tracking and analysis app and built-in certified testing program, enable young athletes to measure and evaluate their athletic development and improve their skills at every level of the game. Ballogy also provides a forum for individual players to connect, compete, network, and share with coaches, schools, and teammates, via an easy-to-use app, giving young athletes visibility and access like never before. The Ballogy app is available for free in Google Play and the App Store. To learn more, please visit

About The Iowa Basketball Coaches Association (IBCA)

Established in 1969, the Iowa Basketball Coaches Association has provided educational and experiential opportunities for coaches and players to grow their understanding and appreciation of basketball. They help maintain the highest possible standards in interscholastic basketball and the basketball coaching profession. The organization’s membership includes high school and college level boys basketball coaches. To learn more, please visit


Jill Ford

Release Summary

Ballogy is partnering with the Iowa Basketball Coaches Association to deliver skills assessment and development technology to high school coaches.


Jill Ford