Massachusetts Innovation Network Announces Dual Technology Showcase

LINCOLN, Mass.--()--The Massachusetts Innovation Network in collaboration with Blue Institute Labs and NorthStar Campus are excited to announce the Inaugural Dual Technology Showcase and Demo Day. Seventeen (17) ground-breaking startups with dual-use technologies will deliver lightning pitches and product presentations for National Security and Defense challenges. The event will take place on Monday, September 12, 4 to 6 pm at NorthStar Campus (55 Old Bedford Rd., Lincoln, MA)

13 Mari’s solution reduces ship drag and improves fuel efficiency, allowing for lower cost of maritime operation assets and increased on-station time.

BeFC Makes electricity with paper & enzymes; the paper batteries are biodegradable, lightweight, flexible, and thin.

BlkSail Maritime platform makes operations safer, greener, and disruption-free with AI-powered bridge decision aid and semi-autonomous navigation systems.

Computer Vault Single Platform Solution that includes Virtual Desktops & Servers, Hyper-converged Infrastructure, Virtual Networking, a Software-Defined WAN and Built-in Cybersecurity.

Cytrio Protects & secures critical data by embedding protection within data & leverages zero policy, zero overhead, & zero trust, so that the data is protected at all times.

Deep Charge AI-enabled intelligent surfaces with technology designed to transform any pad and surface into a contactless multi-device wireless charger.

Harmony Desalting Batch reverse osmosis is a dynamic RO process which provides high-throughput & energy-efficient water desalination with less risk of membrane fouling & scaling.

Helios Applied Science rapidly deployable high-strength fiber composite structural beam technology (long beam to be folded into a small configuration, transported long-distance, and followed by remote deployment).

Headwall Photonics New hyperspectral lens uses sensors for IED and hazardous chemical detection, and object-sensing under camouflage.

Ithaca Clean Energy Connected communication network allows naval vessels to automatically report issues within their water space; can facilitate traffic flow in and out of military operational areas.

Kadeya replacement for drinking water vending machines, that offer single-use plastics. Convenient, sustainable and easily adoptable, it reimagines the entire water bottle supply.

Legionarius Proudly made in the USA, ATAK smart garments offer service members automatic wound detection (shot, shrapnel, cut, burn), emergency signaling, remote triage, and autonomous treatment when human is injured in combat.

NanoIonix EcoCer™ is a family of engineered self-disinfecting ceramic materials that form permanent coatings on virtually any surface and continually inactivate bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Pirouette Medical Auto-injector technology that can be used to deliver drugs intramuscularly through MOPP Level4 gear; compact shape, rugged, durable design and steady control under stressful administration conditions.

RaySecur Breakthrough real-time imaging tech. based on safe, non-ionizing terahertz waves; tabletop hands-on MailSecur™ systems detect small quantities of powder, liquid, drugs, chemicals, explosives, weapons & other CBNRE threats.

SeaTrac Long endurance solar powered USV platforms for various mission scenarios -standalone or as a force multiplier- to perform operations with efficiency, persistence and lower cost, keeping warfighters out of harm’s way.

Square Robot Autonomous robotic solution that performs API-certified in-service inspection of aboveground storage tanks filled with water or high flash point petroleum products (i.e.. diesel and jet fuel).


The Massachusetts Innovation Network is a local 501(c)(6) charitable organization dedicated to furthering innovation and economic development in New England.


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