Palantir Announces Partnership with Beckett Collectibles

Palantir Foundry will enable Beckett Collectibles to modernize and digitize “decades of data”

DENVER & PLANO, Texas--()--Palantir Technologies Inc. (NYSE: PLTR, "Palantir"), a leading creator of data platforms used by enterprise and growth stage companies, today announced that Beckett Collectibles, the most trusted name in the collectibles industry, is deploying Palantir Foundry across the company’s operations to help accelerate its digital transformation.

Beckett has already begun integrating legacy systems into Palantir Foundry, allowing customers to more rapidly and easily access decades of data about cards, comics, and other collectibles, as well as automating the process of grading and authenticating. Beckett aims to eventually have the most comprehensive data set in the collectibles space and the hobby community, across comics, cards, VHS, and other assets

Foundry will serve as the backend management platform for all collectibles on Beckett, from physical cards to NFTs. Already, Foundry's data-integration capabilities have successfully completed the migration of Beckett's vast historical data to a modern operating system configured to display real-time information. Beckett will also use Palantir’s software to build internal and end-user apps for card digitization, digital tracking, and value assessment.

Founded more than 30 years ago, Beckett Collectibles is a household name in the collectibles industry and possesses troves of information allowing it to price, grade, and authenticate assets, with industry-leading accuracy and integrity. Beckett selected Palantir to propel its digital transformation and modernize its systems. Palantir Foundry is designed to transform the way organizations run by creating a central operating system for their data and integrating siloed data sources into a common operating picture.

Today’s Beckett customers expect speed, reliability, and trust, and that’s what Palantir’s Foundry offers,” said Kunal Chopra, CEO of Beckett. “We have an incredible wealth of data in our company, and with Palantir’s help, we’ll bring decades of data to our customer’s fingertips in a way that’s fast and secure. A backend rebuild that might have taken four to six months took only six weeks thanks to Palantir Foundry. This partnership is an important step in our effort to build a one-stop-shop platform for collectors to manage their portfolio of alternative investments.”

We were excited by Beckett’s digital transformation objectives and to help the company unlock the value of long held assets,” said Meredith McNaughton, the head of Palantir’s Foundry for Builders program, which provides Palantir’s platform to early and growth stage companies. “The Foundry platform is uniquely positioned to catalyze real operational transformation. We’re energized by Beckett’s quick progress and to support their growth in the collectibles space.”

Palantir’s software is currently deployed in over 50 industries and powers data-driven decisions across a diverse set of use cases in some of the most complex data environments in the world. The Foundry for Builders initiative has provided the Foundry platform to dozens of early and growth-stage companies in fields ranging from health care, to the construction sector, to entertainment.

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About Beckett Collectibles

The mission of Beckett Collectibles is to provide the most amazing products and services on the planet for collectors. The iconic brand was founded in 1979 by Dr. James Beckett as a pricing guide for classic American sports cards. The company has since expanded into several other collectible categories with its signature price guidance, grading services, and print and digital tools for enthusiasts and professionals in the hobby. With over 30 years of experience assembling the industry's most comprehensive collectibles database, Beckett is uniquely positioned to become the world's premier alternative assets platform.

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