Meet OMO - A Smart Home Solution Founded in Ukraine That Seeks to Renovate the IoT Industry

LOS ANGELES--()--OMO Systems, an IoT solutions company founded in Kyiv, Ukraine, develops and implements software and hardware solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT). OMO Ecosystem – the key smart home and home security product – is designed specifically for telecommunications providers and companies that provide services to residents of single-family homes and apartment living.

OMO’s solutions have included not only indoor monitoring and intelligent devices but also external smart connections and facial recognition capabilities affording clients a stronger sense of security, safety, and intelligence for the home.

What is OMO and why is it launching in the US?

The company was founded in 2018 by leading telecom professional Vadym Sydorenko and serial entrepreneur Grant Dayan. The company currently has 50K subscribers in six cities in Ukraine. Prior to the invasion of Ukraine earlier this year, OMO planned to enter the US market in 2023 and devote 2022 to expanding to other CIS countries, but everything changed overnight. Russian military aggression forced the company to revise its plans on February 24th of this year.

With daily challenges from the war – the OMO team delivered. Taking only five months to address, align and redesign the business and the product line for the US market, the company is now ready to offer exclusive benefits to American users.

What’s innovative about the OMO home security and smart home ecosystem?

Though the concept of the smart home was known long before the company entered the market, it uses a subscription model and a hubless approach, which means benefits for both users and partners alike. This approach distinguishes OMO from key competitors like Google and Amazon, and opens new horizons for internet providers for additional revenue and margin.

Vadym Sydorenko, the former CEO of Triolan and co-founder of OMO, is convinced that non-core businesses don't guarantee desired results. The core business is to connect devices to the network and maintain them. Thus, OMO makes a perfect addition to solutions US providers offer to users.

Benefits for businesses partners:

  • Providers get a ready-made product and business model they are used to and can increase offerings to their existing customers – a proven solution with 50K users.
  • Ability to use the existing networks to add new services and expand the list of commercial services based on the IoT network.
  • OMO is the only smart home solution that works as a SaaS now, so this is a truly unique offer.
  • The only seamless smart home and home security solution in the market.

Clients who subscribe to OMO ecosystem benefit from:

  • Quick and effortless installation.
  • No need to manually maintain the equipment.
  • Efficient equipment that has a 4.8 rating between users.
  • Attractive price, as the long-term subscription costs much less than purchasing all the equipment, then installing and maintaining it.

The initial product package includes a video doorbell, intelligent indoor camera, multiple wireless sensors, a motion sensor and a range extender at less than $40 per month through provider partners.

OMO Systems is ready to start making the homes of US citizens safer and smarter. Right here and now, where the future starts!

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Tina Podmazina


Tina Podmazina